5 vacation rentals in Orlando, FL with cool space-themed areas

Factor your compass at the stars and discover the remaining frontier on our vacation leases in Orlando’s superstar area-themed rooms. Perfect for up-and-coming astronomers and astronauts, those excellent rooms are arguably the coolest now not best in the sun device but within the complete Milky way!

9 bedrooms | 18 people sleep

Kids are not the handiest ones dreaming of exploring space. Embellished with a subtle moon-themed contact inspired by using NASA’s historical Apollo application, this elegant room is best for space enthusiasts and teenagers who aren’t looking for a heavy-themed room. Think of it as your personal moon lander on the improbable Reunion resort villa, with chic space gray fixtures and moon-themed wall art.

The assets isn’t just about splendid themed rooms. It also has get right of entry to to a game room, personal pool, home health club, cinema, as well as all of the motel’s terrific on-web page facilities. If you could be tempted far from Reunion’s superb points of interest, Orlando’s theme parks are truly just across the nook. Disney global is simply 9.6 km away, and typical Studios is 21 km away.

5 bedrooms | 12 sleep

Moon-themed bedroom

Looking at this exquisite area-themed room, you may make one large soar for pleasure. In case you’ve ever desired to stay at the moon, that is your risk. From astronauts inside the nook to space-generation silver beds to stunning wall art with perspectives of the Earth out of your associates to the moon, this room is gravity-free and has all the fun of the moon.

This Reunion hotel holiday apartment is astronomically cool in distinctive approaches as nicely. From the highly-priced private pool to the refurbished loft game room, there can be masses to entertain the complete own family at some stage in their tour.

6 bedrooms | 14 people sleep

Bedroom with space adventure theme

This exceptional Orlando villa with area-themed rooms that set the phaser superb! Revel in like an impressive astronaut and sail the starry sky in this rocket-like room. The silver metal bunk mattress capabilities with futuristic blue LED lighting and the walls are painted with an amazing picture of the universe.

If children may be tempted far from region exploration, this Bearsden holiday condominium has many different top-notch functions. The outdoor vicinity is famous for its sunshine country calm climate and is right for playing a huge personal pool, doorways restaurant, similarly to an outdoor kitchen and fish fry. The golfing direction is best 1.6 km (1 mile) away, and the thrills and overflows of Disney international and standard Studios are just 9.6 km (21 miles) away.

14 bedrooms | 40 people sleep

Space-themed living room

Is the family full of space fans? There is no want to speak about who will live inside the coolest room in this residence. All rooms are the coolest rooms! This beautiful vacation domestic is totally space-themed, with lovely living rooms / manage centers, bedrooms decorated with swirling galaxies and colorful nebulae, and game rooms with interstellar ornament. It is able be an appropriate vicinity for space Invaders brief games.

No longer the dimensions of a planet, this rental domestic at Orlando’s Veranda arms hotel is honestly massive. It sleeps up to 40 humans. Further, there are lots of terrific centers along with a non-public pool and a -lane bowling alley. The lodge additionally offers extremely good blessings along with a large swimming pool, gym, and water slides. With smooth get admission to Orlando’s subject parks, stores, and restaurants, this villa is right for exploring the metropolis.

9 bedrooms | room for 24 people

Flight deck themed game room

Manage your excursion time in this extraordinary flight deck-themed gaming room. This immersive room looks as if a project command middle. Prepared with excellent equipment along with flight simulators, gaming consoles and karaoke machines, this is Orlando’s holiday for those in search of unparalleled leisure alternatives.

This superb house is part of Reunion inn. Other places inside the assets include a private pool, games room, and home theater. It’s an extraordinary family excursion apartment and each section comes with a full get-right of entry to the motel’s fantastic centers. These consist of a fantastic on-website online water park and sports activities center. Reunion hotel is likewise near all of Orlando’s excellent points of interest. Walt Disney international and standard Studios are each just a few miles away.

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