6 beautiful and colorful vacation rentals in Palm Springs

Palm Springs architecture is iconic. The well-known mid-century houses with their vibrant, ethereal interiors have come to be as plenty of an appeal as the town itself. If there is one aspect that has captured people’s interest the most, it’s the colorful doorways of Palm Springs. People go to embark on a Palm Springs door tour to admire the rainbow colors of the homes lining the streets. But what if you can stay in this sort of beautiful house?

With our lovely Palm Springs villas, you may. Your social media feed could be the envy of all whilst you live in the sort of villas. Those Instagram-friendly doors are only the beginning of what those incredible houses must offer. Here are some of our picks for Palm Springs holiday leases with colorful doors.

4 bedrooms | 8 people sleep

To create a list of Palm Springs holiday leases focused on doorways that pink door. This well-known cotton sweet-colored entrance has graced many Instagram feeds and has received plenty of social media repute and attention within the system.

Better than taking an image of the timeline door (which non-visitors cannot do anymore), staying on the Palm Springs red door itself can make your fans very jealous. Palm Springs nine, a large ranch within the Indian Canyon district, is one of the region’s maximum beautiful homes and one of the most well-known holiday rentals in Palm Springs with colorful doors.

Lovely mid-century home has many functions except the well-known doorways. With a 75-foot swimming pool, billiard room, and floor-to-ceiling home windows, you may get the maximum out of the stunning mountain perspectives. Whilst you’re on an adventure, Palm Springs is only a 5-minute pressure away. For nature fanatics, the special international panorama of Joshua Tree country-wide Park can be reached in less than an hour.

4 bedrooms | 8 people sleep

Palm Springs 11

Palm Springs is thought for its sunny weather, and the canary yellow doorways of this stunning villa truly make you sense the sunshine. The brightly colored pops look splendid in opposition to the smooth white traces of this mid-century home. Located within the captivating movie Colony area, just steps from downtown Palm Springs stores, restaurants, and attractions.

The indoor villas are spacious, brilliant, and contemporary, and the outside areas are designed for luxurious wasteland life. Similar to the glittering private pool, there are also relaxing warm tubs and outdoor seating for a chilled night under the glittering starry sky. This Palm Springs excursion rental can accommodate up to 8 humans. Exceptional for households and organizations heading to California for a laugh or enjoyable vacation.

3 bedrooms | 12 sleep

Palm Springs 13

The fascinating citrus hues that enhance the garage doors of this stunning Palm Springs villa are simply one of the architectural wonders awaiting guests. Styled as a quirky aggregate of mid-century and Renaissance layouts, the house boasts an elegant and open indoors with decadent info. There’s also the vicinity of a fabulous door wherein you can relax. This residence, which could accommodate as many as 12 people, has plenty of space for everybody to spend their own barren region paradise. The panoramic windows offer exquisite perspectives of the surrounding panorama.

This Palm Springs villa is proper subsequent to the metropolis’s maximum popular attractions and attractions, as well as stores, restaurants, and nightlife that make Palm Springs a permanent holiday hotspot.

5 bedrooms | 12 sleep

Palm Springs 34

Palm Springs doors aren’t simply vibrant and formidable. Like this charming Spanish-style villa with white and diffused green accents, some homes feature an extra discreet color palette. Located inside the coronary heart of Palm Springs inside the film Colony region, this captivating vacation condominium is a place for visitors who need to experience the surroundings of vintage Hollywood at their Palm Springs villa. The residence can accommodate 12 human beings, inclusive of the one after the other furnished 2-bedroom Casita. Fashionable outdoor, like the courtyard, the patio vicinity has a huge pool, fireplace pit, or even a spa region for maximum rest.

Points of interest, restaurants, shops, and bars in the center of Palm Springs are just a short stroll from the villa. With parking for as many as five vehicles, this home is a remarkable base for everyone who wants to discover the wider wasteland place, now not just Palm Springs.

4 bedrooms | 8 people sleep

Palm Springs 37

The wonderful architectural entrance is just the first of many a laugh in this Palm Springs holiday rental. The trendy entrance ends in a spacious, cutting-edge interior with a minimalist finish. The outer region is the actual star of the show at this assets. It boasts an expensive non-public pool surrounded by tall palm trees, a blanketed eating area illuminated via shimmering lighting, and a hearth pit for when it gets cold at night.

The villas are set close to downtown Palm Springs and its myriad sights. It’s best for the great restaurants, shops, and households in the place who don’t need to go to a long way to discover what to do.

4 bedrooms | 8 people sleep

Palm Springs 86

This specific Palm Springs excursion condominium definitely has a super element! Designed in Tudor fashion, it stands out from some of the extra discreet mid-century homes of the area. The bright turquoise door units the scene as quickly as you input the residence. The striking interior is ancient inn-like, accented by using stone fireplaces, bookshelf partitions, and ornate desks. That does not imply that this Palm Springs villa would not have a modern touch. The game room, private pool, and marble toilet are just a number of the costly services of the villa.

This incredible excursion condominium in Palm Springs has four parking masses, near the high-quality Palm Springs offers. You could convey your personal car throughout your stay and experience the top-notch wasteland surroundings in addition to the city.

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