Luxury vacation on the Mallorca Yacht Charter

Mallorca Yacht Charter provides an ideal destination for a luxury vacation on a charter yacht. Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands, including the popular islands of Ibiza and Menorca. Discover Mallorca and enjoy the coastal villages, the azure blue waters, the secluded white sands, and the beautiful coastline of over 200 miles. Of course, the warm Spanish sunshine, rich history and culture, and delicious regional cuisine only enhance the charm of this destination.

If you are considering a Balearic Islands yacht charter to Mallorca, keep reading! Here are five things to do and see while cruising this spectacular destination on a luxury yacht charter.

Mallorca Yacht Charter

Enjoy the Palma de Mallorca site

Discover Mallorca’s rich culture and heritage in Palma, the capital of Mallorca and one of the oldest and largest towns in the Balearic Islands. The Old Town of Parma has cobbled streets lined with medieval churches, charming squares, local boutiques, galleries and eateries, where you can sample regional cuisine and enjoy a cup of coffee as the world passes by. Great for. Of course, the Mallorca yacht charter will not be complete without a visit to La Sue, the 600-year-old sandstone cathedral of Parma, which boasts one of the largest rose windows in the world. Next, enjoy shopping at Paseo del Borne, which boasts luxury stores and designer boutiques such as Bvlgari, Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton. Parma also offers an excellent selection of award-winning restaurants, including the sophisticated Mark Foch restaurant, which offers an exquisite tasting menu featuring the best ingredients from the Balearic Islands.

Reunited with nature in the Cabrera Nature Reserve

The islands just south of Mallorca are ideal for luxury exploration Yacht sharing Adventure, a national park in the land area, located just 10km off the coast of Mallorca. The rocky archipelago is home to 19 islands, home to abundant native flora and fauna such as hiking, exploring caves, rocky coves, endangered whales, turtles and birds. Only one island, Cabrera or Goat, lives and the entire island is a designated national park. During the Mallorca yacht charter, anchor to the rocky island Na Foradada, which contains one of the three lighthouses of the archipelago.

Sunbathe at the Cala d’Or

The Cala d’Or, or Golden Bay, is an elegant resort in Mallorca and is popular with yacht enthusiasts. This sophisticated destination offers beautiful white sand beaches, lots of places and attractions, great restaurants serving traditional cuisine, and a diverse nightlife for those who want to party early in the morning. During the charter of the luxury crew Mallorca yacht, the beautiful port of Cala d’Or could be the first port of call. The harbor is a destination in itself and is adjacent to a charming restaurant with relaxing views. One of the most famous historic attractions is the town’s 18th-century fortress, which offers a glimpse into the fascinating history of the Cala d’Or. For curious people, just a few kilometers from the center of the Cala d’Or, the eco-friendly Son Alegre vineyards offer wine tastings with local bread, olives and cheese.

Explore PortdeSoller

Port de Soller is a beautiful coastal village northwest of Mallorca. It boasts an elegant harbor full of yachts and fishing boats, white sandy beaches surrounded by promenades, local boutiques and eateries. Porto de Soller is best known for its historic electric street tram that connects the coastal town of Port de Soller with the small inland town of Soller. Tram cars and carriages date back to 1913 and offer part of the real history. Take a tram past the fragrant orange groves and the old harbor. The tram takes only 15 minutes and is essential for a Mallorca yacht charter.

See Deia’s Artist’s Heaven

Deia is a small coastal village on the steep west coast of Mallorca. Over the years, it has fascinated artists, poets, and writers. The most famous English poet, Robert Graves, lived in this beautiful village until his death. Deia’s soft-hued stone cottages are scattered on cliffs and roll down the steep coastline. Take a stroll down the narrow streets lined with art galleries, boutiques, bars, and restaurants, and visit the house of Robert Graves, now a fascinating museum, just a few minutes’ walk from the center of the village.

There is no doubt that Mallorca yacht charters will offer a feast of the five senses!

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