Orlando’s top go-kart racing experience locations

Looking for an exciting activity with your kids? Or do you like to make your friends the best with adrenaline-filled activities? Orlando’s Kart Center is a solution for those who are competing at a fierce pace. Get into the fun of spinning tires on the circuit of your choice and compete for pole position. Test your driving skills, master bends, overtake your opponents and accelerate your straights.

Around Orlando, there are many unique twists and winding tracks. Here are five of the best go-kart locations in Orlando. This allows you to spend less time running a great day and more time racing on the track.

Orlando Cart Center

Just 15 minutes from Orlando International Airport (MCO), the Orlando Kart Center is one of the most central and accessible facilities for racing enthusiasts and new racers. The center boasts the fastest cart in Orlando, reaching up to 45mph on an 8/10 mile truck. There is also a 6/10 mile track option to shorten fast-paced laps. The track has all the curbs and bumps you would expect from a professional race track.

You can expect high quality rental equipment and great mechanics and services, along with professionals who are willing to provide some advice to beginners. There are two styles of carts. With a powerful gas-powered kart, you can feel the rush of authentic tournament-style racing and ultra-fast speeds. The Orlando Kart Center also has a two-seater kart, ideal for racing from children over 4 years old to adults. If you have your own cart and equipment, you can use this here as well, but it’s not required.

For those who want to liven up the excitement of birthdays, celebrations and corporate events, you can book the Orlando Cart Center to host a private tournament. There is also a small snack bar where you can quickly pit stop between races.

You don’t need to book because the facility has an “arrive and drive” policy, but if you need more information, please visit the facility. Website..

Andretti Indoor Carting & Games

The close-up of the go-kart driver has been overtaken.

There is no reason to worry about the weather blocking your chances of winning at Andretti Indoor Karting & Games. One of the few indoor Orlando cart centers, this temperature-controlled facility is equipped with the longest indoor trucks in the world and is said to have the highest elevation changes of any other facility. You’ll love the many slopes and banked turn undulations around this vast truck that can zoom up and down for other drivers. Andretti uses a BIZ electric cart that provides an exciting amount of torque and maneuverability around the hairpin turn. These carts are safe and environmentally friendly, unlike gas-powered carts. Children over the age of 5 can participate in the action.

Andretti has a lot to offer, not just good kart racing. Lots of arcade games, simulators, bowling alleys, laser tags, high ropes. This is a place where truly adventurous adults and children can enjoy a completely exciting experience. The venue can be booked for birthday parties and celebrations and is fully equipped with Andretti Grill, an in-house restaurant that serves many of your foodie’s favorites. Award-winning food is a great way to refuel before your next race.

For more information on the different experiences offered by Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, Website..

K1 speed

A cart driver overtaking at the finish line.

Formerly the I-Drive NASCAR Go Karts Orlando, K1 Speed ​​allows you to compete with dozens of other racers competing for fast lap times. Going around the track over and over again and trying to beat your personal best is an addictive kind of fun. Race faster than any other driver competing for the top spot and give your leaderboard your name. The facility has an excellent lap timing system that tracks progress on a large monitor to help you hone your skills. Put on your helmet and jump onto one of the special OTL Storm EFD go-karts and experience fast-paced maneuverability on slippery concrete tracks. These are not your everyday electric go-karts. This high quality equipment was designed in Europe to be more competitive than most indoor gas driven options. With all the power you crave to get the most out of your racing, these carts are a cleaner and more eco-friendly option.

The K1 Speed ​​Orlando Cart Center also offers a truly unique “Grocart” experience. The K1 Speed ​​turns into a futuristic spacecraft when the lights are dimmed and illuminated by the neon strip lights that the truck emits. Zoom in on colorful, illuminated tracks, like the “TRON” movie. This uniquely shaped go-kart is a must-see activity.

Learn more about K1 speed here..

Desert Land Park

Children driving in an indoor cart center.

Desertland Park is Florida’s largest indoor amusement park, where you can enjoy two great tracks instead of one. Pro tracks are open to racers over 54 inches and Cadet tracks are open to young racers over 48 inches. Both tracks feature exciting hairpin turns and long straights, allowing racers to gain legendary status by speeding up pro tracks at record speeds. The ergonomic electric go-kart provides a smooth ride and excellent handling around the truck. For those unfamiliar with kart racing, our friendly and well-trained staff will be happy to provide you with some tips and clearly show you the best route to go around the track.

Go-karts aren’t the only activity at Detherland Park. There are also bowling, arcade, pinball and NERF gun arena options. If go-karts aren’t enough entertainment for motor enthusiasts, there’s also a car museum. When you get off the truck, you’ll see classic cars and car souvenirs, as well as electric icons such as Batmobile and the world’s longest car over 100 feet. Don’t worry about not getting hungry. This vast complex has at least 10 dining options.

You can book party spaces and events through their website here..

Fun spot america

A smiling racer enjoying on a kart truck.

With four great tracks to try out, Fun Spot America offers a combination of wild and diverse kart fun and offers some new angles where you can enjoy the race. The commander is the most extreme of the patented multi-level trucks. Drive along that twist and turn up to 45 feet above the ground before plunging to the finish line. Quad Helix, on the other hand, features multiple elevated corks and dramatic banking turns on steep slopes. If you’re looking for thrills on an adventurous track, Conquest is for you. This eight style truck figure touts the ideal dual cork bottle opener and great tilt for new drivers. For those who need speed, the slasher is perfect. Trucks are an opportunity to see how fast gas-powered carts can move. Younger children can enjoy with adults in a two-seater cart.

Roller coasters, ferris wheels, carnival games, bumper cars and boats, madhouses, slides, swings and much more from FunSpot America. There are also plenty of food trucks and food stalls to keep your tank full all day long.

Both Orlando and Kissimmee locations are within easy driving distance of larger resorts and communities.You can learn more here..

Play directly on Orlando’s go-kart truck

A family of racers on the starting grid.

Start the engine and accelerate your adrenaline-stimulating activity in Orlando. As shown above, you can enjoy various speedways. From high-speed outdoor facilities to streamlined modern indoor lace exteriors. Veteran racers and anyone looking for a new thrill can have a great time going kart racing in Orlando.

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