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Corfu Greece – Top romantic island destination

Defined by a vast coastline full of rugged mountains and resorts, Corfu is home to some of Greece’s most beautiful, stunning and pristine beaches.

Greek beach-Corfu

The undisputed Queen of the Ionian Islands, Corfu is Greece’s lushest island because of its dense vegetation of magnificent landscapes of olive trees, wildflowers and bushes. Its unique cultural heritage reflects the years under Venetian, French and British control before the island was integrated with Greece in 1864, but its magnificent natural beauty and stunning historic sites are every year. It attracts thousands of tourists, but its main attraction remains the coastline. Over 215 kilometers of Corfu’s sandy beach arrangements offer different paradise flavors. An ideal Mediterranean destination, Corfu yacht charter The only way to sample some of the 57 beaches. Here we share some of the best beaches on Corfu to visit during a yacht charter, from the popular Glyfada to the golden sands of Agios Stefanos Beach and the famous Damour Canal.

Greek beach-Corfu

Griffada Beach is popular with families and young people due to its soft golden sands, gentle clear waves and a variety of beach bars and restaurants. Surrounded by tree-covered cliffs and majestic rocks, there are plenty of water sports facilities in the area, so it’s a palace to break and enjoy charter water toys! Agios Stefanos Beach, easily accessible by land and water, is another popular beach on Corfu. Over 1.5 km long, this beach has a variety of golden sands surrounded by lush greenery. With a choice of several restaurants and bars, visitors can easily sunbathe or take their own picnic packed with yacht chefs. At the edge of the beach there is also a small marina for fishing boats and small yachts. For those who want to relax in a quieter environment, Kanonica Siopi Beach is the place for you. Surrounded by rocky coves, this gorgeous environment will entertain all visitors. There aren’t many facilities on this beach, but the views are worth a visit. The famous Canal Damour is one of the most unique beaches on Corfu Island. An idyllic place with a series of coves and extraordinary rock formations that form canals, the rocks are in different shades of yellow with lots of green at the top. According to legend, the home of the breathtaking crystal sea, couples swimming together in narrow canals will soon get married. For those who want to avoid the crowds in the waterways of love, another option is to moor at the sea and bid near the shore to swim in the waterways.

Greek beach-Corfu

Corfu is known for many snorkeling and diving spots. The waters of Nisaki Beach are known for their excellent visibility and depth. Colobli is one of the top diving spots in the area due to its beautiful array of rocks, rocks and cracks. For advanced divers, explore house reefs up to 19 meters deep and many types of soft corals.

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