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Road trip vacation in Tuscany

I’ve been meticulously planning this trip to Tuscany for months, but my husband would claim that I had planned for years. The last time I was here, I was a little over 10 years old. The most vivid memories of Florence are having a museum and endless ice cream and homemade pasta. This time with her husband and two children, I was enthusiastic about sharing what I remember with some of me and her parents during the summer vacation.

Forning over Hotel Le Fontanele

Tuscany Road Trip Travel Diary Hotel Le Fontanere Drive

Land at Bologna Airport late at night and start a two-hour drive to your first destination. As you pass Florence, GPS will take you aside and tell you to meet your first memorable moment. As I drove through the white landscape, the stars in the night sky illuminated the vineyards, the small villages and the Tuscan homes. My husband stopped the car and we went out for a few minutes to enjoy the scenery. Arrived at Hotel Le Fontanele after midnight. This idyllic hilltop property is located on its own 500 hectares and immerses guests in the essence of Chianti. The team welcomes us and guides us directly to our room. By this time, the children were very excited and awake. Our family rooms are ideally located by the pool, right next to the restaurant and lobby. The team welcomed us with a bottle of wine and cookies and we decided to toast, even though it was very late.

Tuscany Road Trip Travel Diary Hotel Le Fontane ReviewTuscany Road Trip Travel Diary Hotel Le Fontanere Pool

When you wake up the next morning, you can finally run up to the window and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the sunlight. Hotel Le Fontanele concludes that it is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Tuscany. The team heads to La Colonna Restaurant, where the team is waiting for us with a beautiful à la carte breakfast of fresh fruits, pastries and cappuccino. I finally took a vacation.

The hotel offers a variety of activities, including horseback riding, wine tasting, and free bike tours. Their sister facility, The Club House, offers a variety of additional services for Fontanelle guests, including a top-quality spa.We choose to spend the day in the pool enjoying the scenery il dolce far niente“The fascination of doing nothing.” That night, we return to La Colonna Restaurant to offer a tasty and sophisticated menu that introduces the importance of local gastronomy and the excellent ingredients used in all dishes.

Tuscany Road Trip Travel Diary Hotel Le Fontanere Chair ViewTuscany Road Trip Travel Diary Hotel Le Fontanere Restaurant

Outstanding service, decoration and a sense of hospitality for families and owners — Hotel Le Fontanele is a magical place.


Tuscany Road Trip Travel Diary Hotel Borgo San Felice

Borgo San Felice, just a few kilometers away, is the next stop. Having known General Gerini personally for over a decade, I was delighted to finally discover this fairy-tale Borgo, which he had been telling me for years.

Borgo San Felice is surrounded by the most beautiful environment. Its cypress, flowers, and spring overall perfume are fascinating. While we were checking in, the kids were running around finding this fascinating place. I even found a small playground, such as the garden, a small medieval street, a heated pool, and a beautiful chapel. We pay attention to every detail of this Borgo.

Tuscany Road Trip Travel Diary Hotel Borgo San Felice Federica and General Manager GeriniTuscany Road Trip Travel Diary Borgo San Felice Donkey

Executive Housekeeper Ines welcomes us all with a drink on arrival and a small gift for the kids. A coloring book she drew from Borgo. We prepare the children and go straight to the pool. In the evening, choose Osteria del Grigio, a traditional restaurant serving local produce, homemade pasta and typical Fiorentina. Of course, all of this comes with a bottle of Chianti.

Tuscany Road Trip Travel Diary Hotel Borgo San FeliceTuscany Road Trip Travel Diary Hotel Borgo San Felice

In the morning we discovered the area, visited Castello di Brorio and decided to enjoy gelato in a nearby village. Also, don’t miss Il Poggio Rosso, a Michelin-starred restaurant run by young chef Juan Camilo Quintello. The mixture of delicacy and selection of ingredients in simple dishes continued to surprise us. What a wonderful food trip!

Before leaving, Gerini introduced Orto Felice Garden, a social project with the UMANAMENTE Foundation, one of the many economic and environmental initiatives in which properties are actively participating for maximum sustainability. increase.


Tuscany Road Trip Diary Tuscany Resort CastelfiTuscany Road Trip Diary Tuscany Resort Castel Falfi Room

Early in the morning, head to the last stop, Tuscany Resort Castelfarfi. This resort is a true Tuscan hideaway, just a few kilometers from San Gimignano, a small town known for its medieval architecture. Everything offered here overwhelms us: yoga classes, lake fishing classes, pizza courses, archery, children’s adventure parks, tennis, golf, spas and more. The staff gives me the option to review all experiences through their app. It makes it very easy to book a restaurant or any activity. That night we enjoy pizza and pasta at their trattoria Il Rosmarino.

Tuscany Road Trip Diary Tuscany Resort Castel Falfi Pool

In the morning I wake up a little earlier than anyone else and enjoy a yoga class on a dedicated rooftop with views of the resort and spectacular hills. After breakfast, my family enjoys the indoor pool. A sales manager and longtime friend Dario will guide you through the resort, looking at traditional houses and golf courses, and looking for wildlife with the locals. Guardia Katcha Or a hunting guard. Surrounded by over 1,000 hectares, the resort has plenty to offer. It took more than an hour to drive and explore the resort! Dario shares with me all the new projects that will open in the summer, including a kids club with its own pool and activities.

Tuscany Road Trip Diary Tuscany Resort Castel Falfi Wine TastingTuscany Road Trip Diary Tuscany Resort Castel Falfi Wine

You can’t leave Tuscany without experiencing a vineyard tour and wine tasting. Guide and wine lover Kosimo will pick you up from the reception and take you on a private tour of the vineyards, explaining the history of Castel Falfi and one of Tuscany’s top producers today. It’s the perfect ending to our trip.

We remember this family holiday and experience for a long time, and I checked one of my bucket list destinations. I can’t wait for the next one.

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