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Best Sunset spots in Vietnam

Sunset is one of the most amazing experiences you cannot miss when you visit Vietnam in Summer. One of the best things about sunset here is that none is completely alike. Wherever you travel throughout Vietnam, there are exquisite places to contemplate the sunset. If you’re planning on your next sunset-spotting adventure, here are the 5 best destinations from North to South that you can consider.

Hanoi is packed-full of skyscrapers and cars that sometimes bother you. Still, from late afternoon, the center of Hanoi on the shores of West Lake is also full of tranquility. Westlake is a popular place for not only Hanoi people but also foreign tourists to watch the sunset quietly. Walking around Hanoi’s largest lake or biking is a great activity at dusk. The vibrant and colorful scenery of West Lake as the sun sets also inspires many photographers.

Best bars and restaurants overlooking the sunset:

Westlake Station: A famous French restaurant on To Ngoc Van Street overlooking West Lake. We specialize in gorgeous tapas, salads, burgers, pasta plates, and great drinks.
Hat-Lakeside Lounge Bar: Here you can find affordable snacks, craft beers and delicious drinks. This is a great place for weekend friends and family gatherings.

Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful landscapes to watch the sunset in Vietnam. The beauty of the sea in Halong Bay is fascinating enough to captivate everything. The bay is surrounded by limestone mountains with more than 2000 islands. When the sun disappears behind the jagged rocks, the beauty of Halong Bay becomes magnificent and magnificent. Taking a Halong Bay tour also gives you the opportunity to kayak or boat a bit deeper to explore the many impressive limestone islets and caves in this lovely paradise.

It is recommended to stay overnight Emperor Cruise Take a picture of the sunset in Halong Bay. It will be a valuable experience for visitors to Halong Bay.

halong-A-Step-by-step guide-to-choose-a-perfect-Halong -Bay -Cruise

Few can beat the hours of sitting quietly and enjoying the sunset, the most gorgeous time of the day. Seeing the last sunbeams illuminating the city of the emperor and the river makes you feel romantic.
For a more exciting experience, you need to board a local dragon boat. As the boat slowly travels upstream of this tranquil river, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating natural and historical beauty of Hue. On board, you’ll be served authentic Vietnamese coffee, craft beer, fragrant royalties, and interact with other locals while watching the sunset.

Blessed with a great location where the lush mountains meet the vast ocean, My Khe Beach offers breathtaking sunsets as the sun sets. Each year, the beach owns calm sea waves, white sands, and a variety of luxury hotels and resorts, attracting thousands of tourists traveling on beach vacations.
Apart from innovative infrastructure and abundant thrilling water-based activities, My Khe Beach captivates travelers with spectacular afternoon views. The sunset seems to cast a red ray on the sea and you can take great pictures with your loved ones.

Unique bars and restaurants to enjoy the sunset:

Down Beach Bar: Open from 16:00, the bar serves excellent wines, beers, cocktails and light meals. In addition, live music shows are held frequently.
Holiday Beach Club: Located within Holiday Beach Danang Hotel & Resort, The Holiday Beach Club is a newly operated and stylish hotel for enjoying a drink while admiring the sunset view of My Khe Beach.

Along with pristine beaches, typical tropical heat and lush farms, Ninh Thu An Salt Fields is undoubtedly a fascinating feature for tourists. Known as Vietnam’s top salt producer, Ninh Thu An White Salt Field at sunset also has the magical beauty of shining brilliant sunlight on the field.
Ninh Thuan is home to many famous salt pans such as Ca Na Salt Field (largest), Phuong Cuu Salt Field (second largest) and Dam Vua Salt Field.

Top  natural scenery places for watching the sunset:

There may not be a bar or restaurant where you can enjoy a light meal while watching the sunset, but the natural scenery itself is amazing.

Heading to southern Vietnam, you’ll have the chance to see the dazzling sunset views behind the sparkling waters of Phu Quoc Island. Phu Quoc has a myriad of calm beaches where you can take a leisurely stroll, soak your feet in the sandy beaches, or watch the sunset in the afternoon, including Baychem, Long Beach and Onlan Beach.
The island is dotted with lesser-known sunset perspectives where you can meet and talk with local fishermen.

Top bars and restaurants overlooking the sunset:

Sunset Sanat Beach Club: With elephant statues and heavenly gates, this stylish bar is considered the most beautiful place to watch the sunset on Phu Quoc Island. Not only can you take fascinating pictures of the sunset here, but you’ll also be served gorgeous cocktails, drinks and light meals.
OCSEN Beach Bars & Clubs: This is another youth favorite gathering place to take a series of amazing photos. The bar has a unique orange decoration concept, bonfire, live music and great drinks.

Phu Cock Beach

Located in the quiet Mekong Delta on the border with Cambodia, Chau Doc is a fascinating scenic spot for watching the sunset in Vietnam and a country destination. Trekk to the 800-foot-high Sam Mountains and enjoy the dramatic sunset over the Mekong Delta towards Cambodia. From the top of the Sam Mountains, you can also see parts of Cambodia and flooded fields. The golden sun setting here takes you to an emotional and magical roller coaster. In addition, Chau Doc is one of the few peaceful destinations in southern Vietnam that has not been ruined by tourism. This is a must-see stopover for the Mekong Delta Tour.

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