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If you fancy a luxury holiday away from the busy resorts of mainland Europe, then head to Southeast Asia in summer and you’ll enjoy a great climate and plenty of sunshine. The Southeast Asia weather in June is warm and pleasant, especially around popular resorts in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Expect to catch some tropical showers, though.

  • Vietnam
    June is a little mixed bag in terms of weather, but it’s still a good month to travel to Vietnam. The center of Vietnam has now reached its peak temperature and remains dry and bright. The south is currently in the middle of the rainy season, and a daily downpour is expected. Usually, in the afternoon, but in the north, it is in summer mode, where high temperatures and rain are standard. The number of visitors is relatively small and the central beach still promises considerable sunshine. Trekking is almost always off the card, with more rain in the northern mountains and central highlands.
  • Cambodia
    It will rain all over Cambodia by June. Temperatures remain high (average temperature: 28 ° C) and humidity can reach 70% during the day. However, short and heavy showers can help break down moisture and make your life a little more comfortable.
  • Philippines

By June, the rainy season is well underway in most parts of the Philippines, with heavy rainfall expected in most parts of the country. The southern islands of Bohol, Cebu, and Siargao are not completely dry but have less rain than the northern and central parts. More positively, the rain brings some fascinating changes to the landscape: the now famous Bohol Chocolate Hills no longer has a distinctive brown color but turns into a shade of green. , The rice terraces of Banaue are the most environmentally friendly at their place.

  • Laos The rainy season will be in full swing throughout Laos in June, but showers tend to be short and heavy, lasting hours instead of heavy rains all day long. The temperature reaches the maximum from the mid-20s.
  • Thailand

Far from being guaranteed, it can rain in most parts of Thailand in June. Temperatures remain high (average temperature: 29-31 ° C), and at least initially, rain is likely to fall in the form of a short downpours, and good weather is expected throughout the day.

In June, you can enjoy favorable diving conditions on the islands of Indonesia. Especially around Komodo National Park and Gili Island, you can expect clear warm seas and abundant marine life.

In June, the east coast of the Malaysian Peninsula enjoys a lot of sunny and dry days, with sea conditions ideal for snorkeling and diving. The islands on the west coast become hot and humid with heavy rainfall, but these are usually short-lived and can relieve the humidity.

Bali, Indonesia’s most famous island, is an absolute pleasure in June. In addition to hosting the Barriers Festival described in the previous section, the island is lively in June. From water sports to beach parties, Bali will satisfy the hedonists in you like never before.

For culture and history lovers, June is the perfect time to explore Balinese temples and ancient ruins. If you’re an adventurous person, the extensive menu of water sports and a collection of fun hikes will continue to captivate you.

Best time to visit: April-September
Ideal period: 5 nights / 6 days


Another wonderful Asian city, Singapore, is a tourist paradise. Thanks to the wonderful weather in June, small countries get very busy. The days aren’t too hot and monsoon showers aren’t as frequent yet, creating ideal conditions for exploring Singapore.

Don’t be fooled by the size of Singapore. The country may be small, but it is full of surrealistic experiences that appeal to travelers of all kinds. From water sports to a thriving collection of wildlife on display at the Singapore Zoo, from Disney World to ultra-luxury hotels, the list of experiences to look forward to in Singapore in June is endless.

Best time to visit: February-April
Ideal period: 2 nights / 3 days

CatBa-Halong Bay in Vietnam
Halong Bay is not only one of the World Heritage Sites but also a jewel of Vietnam’s tourist destinations. The June Vietnam tour is an exciting memory of the majestic bays and mysterious caves. A 1-2 night cruise on Halong will be a more unforgettable memory. While looking at the world’s most beautiful and romantic natural places, the comfort and relaxation of a family enjoying the delicious seafood cooked and served by skilled cooks is unmatched. You’ll also have the opportunity to swim in the emerald green waters and discover stunning, dreamlike landscapes.
Visitors can also take a high-speed boat from Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island. Cat Ba is an island that connects to Halong Bay and creates many sea caves for attracting visitors. When visiting Cat Ba, visitors can enjoy the fresh air and blend in with the beautiful nature.

Best time to visit: September-April
Ideal period: 1 or 2 nights

Halong Honeymoon Perfect Vietnam Cambodia

Halong Bay | Source: Lux Travel DMC


June marks the beginning of the dry season on Asia’s largest island. The great thing is that the month is not considered part of the peak tourist season here, as many tourists have not yet begun to come to the island.

Offering the perfect combination of metropolis amenities and natural beauty, Malaysia is a great place to visit all year round. However, the June weather is particularly pleasant and perfect for outdoor activities and expeditions. In June, you can enjoy activities ranging from snorkeling and scuba diving to hiking in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia.

Best time to visit: December-March
Ideal period: 6 nights / 7 days

  • June is the peak month for weather and domestic tourism. An island that is already crowded will be even more crowded. You need to book the hotel in advance.
  • The Southeast Asian monsoon begins in June. You may encounter tropical storms and showers while traveling. You need to look at the weather forecast to make a good plan for your trip.
  • Summers in Southeast Asia is very hot. Remember to bring some protection for your skin and health.

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