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Travel expenses in Europe by country

So you are planning a trip to Europe – an exciting time! Europe is my favorite place in the world. I try to visit every year.

But if you don’t know where to go on your budget, you’ll soon find that Europe is expensive. Below you will find the average daily cost of visiting each of the popular tourist countries and how to save money in the process.

For reference, the prices below are the average cost per person per day. This budget is generalized, but you can easily reduce your budget to reduce your spending or increase your budget to increase your spending. Simply put, they are somewhere in the middle! Travel expense prices in Europe are accurate as of 2020.

Paris, France

Europe’s most expensive country


Cost per day: 182.19 euros

Every day the most expensive country in Europe goes to France. This is probably not a surprise to many. After traveling to Paris many times, I haven’t been shocked.

However, the high cost of visiting France is slightly inflated. because Of Paris. Most travelers visit Paris for a few days of crowded tourism and then hot tail it to other European cities.

Budgeting Tips:

If you want to save money in France, adventure beyond Paris. Food is very affordable across the country, even in Paris if you know where to go (hint: Latin Quarter).

Stay in Airbnb Instead of a hotel. They are much more affordable and you will have much more local experience.

Arosa Switzerland | The Luxury Destination Magazine Last


Cost per day: € 181.55

Another country that I’m sure no one will be surprised to see at the top of this list is Switzerland. To be honest, just looking at something expensive feels expensive! I find it expensive to breathe clean mountain air!

Budgeting Tips:

Shorten your stay. Either way, Switzerland is expensive in every way you can imagine. Having friends and family to live with saves most of the cost.


Cost per day: 161.46 euros

I visited Denmark in my early twenties, but it was so expensive that I gave up on the price conversion and decided I couldn’t afford anything. If I remember correctly, I ate a supermarket sandwich for dinner and washed it off with coke zero. Chic training!

Budgeting Tips:

Stay outside Copenhagen. It is famous as one of the most expensive cities in Europe. I can personally guarantee it!

How to get the most out of your four days in Iceland | The Luxury Destination Magazine Last


Cost per day: 133.63 euros

Before visiting Iceland, I knew it would be an expensive trip. The flight itself was stolen (from Barcelona to New York via Reykjavik) and the stopover to New York was cheap.

Iceland is expensive in terms of hotels, food, petrol and admission. Admission is required even if you visit the waterfall!

Budgeting Tips:

Divide the cost into road trips between destinations and trips with friends. Affordable hotels are available throughout the country, especially in Reykjavik, where there is more demand.

Buckingham Palace London | Wonder Last World


Cost per day: 127.40 euros

When you visit Europe for the first time, London is likely to be your agenda. And there is a good reason! This iconic city is the most visited city in the world each year. The main cost of visiting the UK is accommodation. It does not help that the pound always works in favor of most other world currencies.

Budgeting Tips:

Waitrose and Sainsbury’s are your friends. Eat simple sandwich snacks on the go and skip expensive restaurants. If the museums in London are free, just roaming the parks and Soho will fill your entertainment all day long. Cities other than London are much more affordable to visit.

The best views of Rome | The world of Wonder Last


Cost per day: € 124.14

This may be a little surprising as to why cheap pizza and house wine are so expensive. Food is reasonably priced, but the price for traveling in Italy will be added soon. Cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence are the most expensive.

Budgeting Tips:

Get out of the tourist city and stay in a small town. Try Lucca instead of staying in Florence. Instead of staying in Venice, we will stay in Verona. You can always take a train for a day trip!

Stroopwafel Amsterdam by the world of Wonder Last


Cost per day: € 122.66

When you think Netherlands, You think about Amsterdam. That’s normal!But I promise you are More in the netherlands Beyond the city of Amsterdam. Besides, other cities are much cheaper to visit!The average daily price spent in the Netherlands 122.66 euros.. But with some of these tips you can easily save money.

Budgeting Tips:

If it’s your style, check in at Airbnb in Amsterdam or a local hostel. You can also save money by sharing your expenses with your friends. Street food is readily available in major cities and is not only cheap but delicious!

Finland | The Luxury Destination Magazine Last


Cost per day: € 120.73

Finland is an expensive country to visit, whether in the capital or not. HelsinkiOr even farther in a small town.

Budgeting Tips:

Experience the local experience with your local family. I stayed with my family in the Lake District and not only was it affordable, but also gave me insights into the local culture.


Cost per day: 112.67 euros

The most expensive city to visit in Sweden is Stockholm. But don’t let that stop you! There are some great free attractions and public transport is easy to use.

Budgeting Tips:

Use public transport to switch restaurants and enjoy cheap meals and supermarket lunches. If your property offers breakfast, make this the biggest meal of the day.

Wexford Ireland Guide | Wonder Last World

Somewhere in the middle


Cost per day: 111.96 euros

Visiting Spain is quite expensive, but as soon as you leave the big city ( Barcelona And Madrid) It will be much more affordable.

Budgeting Tips:

Exchange a big city for a small town. Indulge in tapas and kick back with a sangria jug!

Scoperos Greece | The Luxury Destination Magazine Last


Cost per day: 110.33 euros

Greece can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some great ways to save money, especially if you don’t have the time. Local ferries are a great option for island tours and are much more affordable than flying between islands.

Budgeting Tips:

Use local transportation to save on island travel expenses. It will take some time, but it’s not the destination, it’s the journey! If you are carefully considering your travel expenses in Europe, you may have to sacrifice time to save money.


Cost per day: 109.47 euros

Ireland is one of the favorite countries to explore in Europe. It’s so naturally beautiful and sets the perfect road trip scene! As soon as you leave Dublin, the country can be enjoyed at a much more affordable price.

Budgeting Tips:

Road trips are a great way to see this country, but public transport is much more affordable if you have a limited budget.

Munich Germany | Wonderlast World


Cost per day: 106.78 euros

Germany is in the center of Europe, which means that the connection to the train is very good. This will be a great adventure overland and will save you money. Big cities like Berlin, Cologne and Munich are much more expensive than the countryside.

Budgeting Tips:

Swap major cities for a country escape.

Moscow Russia | Wonder Last World

The cheapest country in Europe


Cost per day: € 18.75

Serbia is the most affordable country for daily cost analysis. If you are carefully considering your travel expenses in Europe, Serbia is the perfect option for budget-conscious travelers. Belgrade is an amazing city with lots of things to offer to visitors and I can highly recommend it!

Kieu Ukraine | The Luxury Destination Magazine Last


Cost per day: 23.00 euro

Ukraine is another great option for travelers considering travel expenses in Europe. Local transportation may seem daunting at first (because there are no English signs). But you’ll be amazed at how much you can talk with hand gestures and broken English.

St. Petersburg Russia | Wonderlast World


Cost per day: 38.92 euros

Russia is one of the most affordable countries to explore in Europe, but Moscow and St. Petersburg are still quite expensive. If you’re on a real adventure, head out to a small town and spend more time on a secluded road.


Cost per day: 41.31 euros

One of my friends recently went on a honeymoon in Albania. It’s not the usual first choice for a honeymoon, but she said it was a great adventure! Albania is still one of the least visited countries in Europe. This makes it very affordable and considerably undervalued.


Cost per day: 51.04 euro

Still in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria is perfect for budget-conscious travelers. As you may have already noticed, the more you explore the east, the more affordable it will be.

A Guide to Mostar Bosnia | The Luxury Destination Magazine Last


Cost per day: 54.85 euros

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of my favorite travel memories. The country is very underrated and the locals are very welcoming to foreigners. To save money on the trip, I stayed with a local Bosnian family in Bragaj. They kindly cooked me breakfast every day and took me to Mostar every day!

Budapest, Hungary


Cost per day: 57.68 euros

Budapest has become one of the most popular cities in Europe. The capital of Hungary has plenty of accommodation and is reasonably priced to stay for a while.


Cost per day: 58.58 euros

Finally, we conclude the list in Poland. Despite the fact that many travelers head to Krakow in the south, the country is often overlooked by visitors. However, if you do this, it is highly recommended that you spend more time in Poland. Warsaw, the capital, is one of my favorite capitals in Eastern Europe.

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