Blue Odyssey renewable energy sailing – LUX* South Ari Atoll

Known for its passion for sustainable travel and development, the award-winning luxury eco-friendly resort LUX * South Ali Atoll is proud to be its main partner and a world powered solely by renewable energy. We welcome the Blue Odyssey Sailing Project, which spotlights the first ship, Polyma. Sun, wind, hydrogen energy. It will be my first adventure in the Maldives.

Navigating under the Swiss flag, Polima will sail from Dubai to the Maldives as part of a round-the-world trip, ending the ambassador’s voyage at the opening of the 2025 Osaka World Exposition. Pavilion.

The 36-meter-long ship is equipped with 515 square meters of solar panels that can propel the boat. That excess energy also converts seawater into hydrogen. In the Blue Odyssey project, Polima has already crossed all major oceans twice, with the primary goal of influencing entrepreneurs and businesses with earth-friendly initiatives and the best technology.

The Lux Collective Hospitality Group, LUX * Hotels & Resorts, has always worked with scientific advances, especially future-oriented sustainable projects. In the second week of July 2022, LUX * South Ali Atoll will welcome the legendary boat and its crew on its beautiful island, Didufinorff. Invite resort guests and visitors to explore the ship, attend meetings on the island, and tours include dialogue with Male government officials. The purpose of the resort to launching such a project is to help the Maldives become one of the pioneers of the hydrogen economy.

“We are pleased to be a major partner in Polymer’s Blue Voyage. This partnership strengthens the Group’s strategic focus on sustainable development and is a zero-emission facility operating within the boundaries of nature. In addition to harnessing solar energy at the resort, the support for this project is a way to care for the ocean and the earth, especially in the polymer we are in. ” , LUX * Patrice Islay, General Manager of South Ali Atoll, said.

“This is a revolution. It’s a milestone for the world,” said Professor Gunter Pauli, founder of the Blue Economy and owner of the polymer. “We would like to share how polymers generate enough electricity and use this surplus energy to clean the ocean from nano plastics. Instead of making museum works, a new world. I want to set a standard. ”

While visiting the Maldives’ atolls, Polymer introduces its power solution: two skysails that provides power during the day and night. The main discussion topics during the visit are the combination of solar power and “intelligent” kites, and the production of drinking water and hydrogen energy.

This project, which shows how organizations can achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), was awarded the 2022 WISE.ARTNFT Awards for the first sustainable NFT project using solar panels to power Polyma. did.

The Polymer Foundation, which manages ships, complements its high-tech development strategy with its commitment to nature conservation and restoration. One of these areas is the long-term study of common marine life, especially turtles. A network of scientists will record and send health data on Maldivian turtle populations for further development. The project team will also visit a dedicated research center to learn how communities create special living conditions for endangered turtles.

LUX * South Ali Atoll is recognized by many for its sustainable approach and is proud to be associated with this meaningful project that has a global impact on global well-being.

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