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17 places you need to visit in Guadeloupe

Not as famous as its neighbors, Guadeloupe is a truly beautiful and laid-back destination that offers everything from stunning beaches to jungle mountains. A group of more than 12 sunbathing islands, located in the southern Caribbean, officially belong to France. The two largest islands are Grantail, with its long gorgeous beaches and sugar cane fields, and Basse-Terre, with some stunning beauty spots and active volcanoes. Here are some of the best and most beautiful places to visit in Guadeloupe …

St. Anne Beach – A vibrant and fascinating tourist destination

A beach with white sand and a clear sea, this beach is a paradise. The beach is very popular with both tourists and residents and can sometimes be seen crowded. There are plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants for visitors, toilets and rinsing showers are also available for beach visitors and can be cleaned later.

There are many beautiful buildings in the area and the beaches are stunning with palm trees. If you like to participate in marine activities, there are many things to do on the island, such as surfing and swimming.

Les Santo Islands – Known for its coral-rich waters and palm-lined beaches

Resant It consists of nine pristine islands. Two of these islands are inhabited and bistro-rich visitor paradises. It is a volcanic group, surrounded by shallow coral reefs. Visitors are strictly prohibited on some islands, but fishing (or strictly regulated) and boating are prohibited on some islands. Others are difficult to visit because it is difficult to moor.

The islands are just south of Guadeloupe and feature long coasts and rocky and sandy coasts. There are many gorgeous animals and fascinating marine life around the island.

Anse Champagne Beach – Gorgeous beach with beautiful sunsets

One of the most beautiful beaches to explore in Guadloop, this gorgeous spot is the exotic tropical beaches of St. Francois, with swaying palm trees, coconut palms, champagne lagoon sailboats, and some really amazing. There is a sunset.

Terre de Haut – Communes and popular beauty spots to explore in Guadeloupe

Tailed O is very popular with divers because of its healthy coral reefs. But it also has a big international sailing scene! The municipality has many bars and hotels and is incredibly tourist-friendly.

When visiting the island, a museum dedicated to the history, culture, and environment of Santo, be sure to visit Fort Napoleon. It was built as a fort before it was destroyed by British troops in the 1800s and then rebuilt into a prison.

With its gorgeous beaches and lots of French Creole shops, this municipality is worth visiting as one of the most beautiful places in Guadeloupe.

Plage de Grande Anse – One of the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe

Deshey’s public beach, considered one of the most magnificent beaches in Guadeloupe, is very beautiful. The longest beach in the Guadeloupe Islands, with clear blue waters, clean white sands and beautiful coconut palm trees.

When visiting this beach, you can enjoy spectacular views, especially at sunset. This area is great for snorkeling and other beach and sea activities, but it can be a bit strong, so it’s important to keep an eye on the flow.

There are many bars and eateries for visitors to the beach.

Poant Apitre – a city full of 19th-century buildings

The largest city in Guadeloupe is made up of 11 different communes. The city is visited by many tourists and is also the main port for freight. It’s a beautiful city and there’s a lot to do in the area there are lots of must-see landmarks and museums for tourists. There are also many wonderful churches and cathedrals in the city.

The city is charming and unique, with lots of places for tourists to stay, and lots of great restaurants for visitors to check out and try delicious food.

Plage de Bois Jolan – Perfect white sandy Caribbean beach experience

The beautiful and secluded beaches of Sainte Anne, and the clear blue waters are incredibly fascinating. The sandy beaches, easily accessible from both St. Francois and St. Anne, are clean and pristine, and the beaches have plenty of shade under the impressive palm trees.

The beach is long and the picnic area provides ample space for visitors so you can spend your time dining. A charming and quiet beach, perfect for relaxing in the sun or in the shade. The sea still remains, thanks to the coral banks just off the coast.

Porte d Enfer – A small corner of heaven to visit in Guadeloupe

The elongated lagoon sometimes referred to as the “Gates of Hell,” offers some very impressive views. Visitors say it’s a must-see and very beautiful, even when the waves hit. It’s even more spectacular when the sea is calm and you can see the fish up close!

The Ported Enfer Lagoon, with its small beach and trekking routes around it, is a must-see and can be reached by driving north. If the weather is mild enough, don’t forget to relax at the bank for lunch.

Radatcha Beach – A popular beach for tourists and locals

Located in the village of Gosier, south of the Grande Terre, it is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. It’s pretty lively with fine sand strips, and turquoise waters, and very close to local eateries and parking lots.

La Désirade – a small pristine island to explore

The island is full of breathtaking surprises, thanks to the beautiful plants found there and a variety of animals, including some truly rare species. The island has a beautiful small village, the main settlement of which is called Beausejour and is well equipped. The church is a must-see for its stunning altar carved from locally grown pear trees. The island also has a gorgeous cove called Anse de Galle at the westernmost tip of the island.

With its stunning beaches and stunning views, this island is one to add to your list.

La Soufriere Volcano – The highest peak in the Lesser Antilles

This lively stratovolcano is the highest peak in the Lesser Antilles and is incredibly impressive. The last magma eruption occurred in 1580, but in recent years there have been steam explosions.

It is a major attraction in Guadeloupe National Park. Worth a hike. If you have the courage in this volcano! Take in the hot water and meet interesting wildlife while admiring the magnificent views of the valley as well as the surrounding islands. You can also take a walk in the lush forest. There are many things to do.

Petit Tail – Two picturesque uninhabited islands

The Petite Terre Islands are surrounded by gorgeous coral reefs and offer spectacular views. Visitors can see the fun of flowers such as agave and violets, as well as wildlife such as sea turtles and hermit crabs.

Both islands are incredibly beautiful, have a pristine heritage, and can be explored in more detail at the Tale Doba Lighthouse and its Museum of Fauna and Flora. Tourists often praise the excursions and attractions here. There is so much to explore and see across the island

Ilet Caret – A small remote island with protected coral reefs

A beautiful place to experience relaxation and bliss, Ilet Caret is a small island surrounded by crystal blue waters. The protected coral reefs are full of marine life, and the white sands of the island are made of dead coral.

Visitors to the island love to spend time observing and snorkeling wildlife. Many birds such as seagulls and egrets can be seen in the squirrel, which is a must-see for enthusiastic bird watching.

On the excursion, visitors can enjoy a barbecue of local produce such as drinks and freshly caught fish. This is always popular.

Carbet Falls – One of the most beautiful places to visit in Guadeloupe

A breathtaking place, Carbet Falls is a series of waterfalls on the Carbet River. There are three cascades in the rainforest on the lower slopes of the La Soufriere stratovolcano. The first highest one has a fall of 125m or more, but the second one is more accessible and tends to accept more visitors.

These waterfalls are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Guadeloupe. There is also a hot spring nearby, which is well worth a visit. If you are looking for something spectacular to see, these waterfalls are worth it.

Jardin Botanique de Deshaies – A stunning tourist attraction and one of the best places to visit in Guadeloupe

This botanical garden located in Hershey, it covers 7 hectares and has plant species from all over the world. It’s really a stunning garden that houses over 1,000 different species in it. You can see the artificial waterfall and check the carp.

These gardens are great for the whole family and are easily accessible. Designed by renowned landscape designer Michelle Gaillard, they are considered one of the island’s most beautiful gardens. It’s foolish not to visit, as you can see lots of wonderful flowers and different kinds of birds.

Ilet du Gosier – A charming and scenic little island to explore in Guadeloupe

Ile du Glossier is a charming little islet. It’s a great place to snorkel and discover tropical fish. The islets are uninhabited and offer spectacular views of the lighthouse, gorgeous golden sand, and clear blue waters. The beach is absolutely beautiful and the waves are clear and quiet.

This is a great place to relax, but keep in mind that there are no toilets on the island. There are plenty of opportunities to see chickens and ducks roaming animals and iguanas on the island.

Guadeloupe National Park – a must-see attraction to explore

The national park is located on Basseterre Island and was founded in 1989. The park is home to some of the most beautiful natural attractions, such as La Soufrière volcano and the beautiful Carbet Falls. There are plenty of trails for visitors to explore in the park, and there is plenty of great local wildlife to see.

Covering approximately 22,000 hectares, of which 17,300 hectares are tropical forests, the purpose of this park is to protect the nature of the Antilles and its flora and fauna. A must-see attraction on an island with three different ecosystem types.

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