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Top hot air balloon rides in Orlando

Anyone who has visited Orlando before will have awakened to the sight of colorful hot air balloons scattered in the sky. These pretty, floating orbs look magical out of nowhere. For those who want to book a vehicle, the answer is the least obvious. A hot air balloon is a dream-like experience that many people do only once in their lifetime. In fact, it is available to many tour operators. You may find the answer at a small stand or kiosk during your stay, but you can plan your trip with a list of the best hot air balloon rides in Orlando. cloud.

Seven soaring hot air balloon rides in Orlando

Aerostat Adventure

A hot air balloon floating above Orlando's villa.

Grab the spirit of adventure while gracefully drifting through the rich natural landscapes of Central Florida. Catch the fresh morning air and the sun of the new day as the wind takes you on an uplifting journey of discoveries full of vibrant greenery, wildlife and panoramic views of Disney’s parks and resorts. From $ 105 per person, you can follow in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg and become one of the 4-6 members of a small personal crew of colorful hot air balloons. Small groups guarantee safer flights and the opportunity to help experienced pilots manage the balloon during this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The flight takes off every morning from the field near the headquarters in Florida Plaza Boulevard. Tour Orlando in 80 minutes, then return to Earth and celebrate with your earned champagne toast.

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Balloons and beyond

Multiple hot air balloons in the sunrise sky.

Wake up early in the morning and enjoy the opportunity to see the spectacular Floridian sunrise. Enjoy the warm orange glow that illuminates many lakes, waterways and citrus trees. As Orlando wakes up and people begin to move around the world below, see the skyline full of famous attractions. From $ 250 per person, you can enjoy a great hot air balloon in groups of 2-5 people. The activity begins one hour before sunrise at a pre-determined meeting place and lasts for three golden hours. In the meantime, the balloon fills up, with colorful stripes and patterns appearing, floating in the sky and gently descending. The ground in time for the party. There is no doubt that looking at the world from a new angle will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Ride Bob’s Hot Air Balloon in Orlando

A colorful hot air balloon floating on some trees.

Celebrate the day in a calm balloon through the counties of Central Florida. Floating from the top of a tree to 1000 feet, it offers stunning views of lakes, wildlife and downtown Orlando. Glide over the canopy to find deer, birds, crocodiles, other animals, and a few locals. Chatting with someone in the basement is a unique experience. With over 20 years of experience, Bob and his team offer aerial service from $ 490 per person for daily morning flights, birthdays, weddings and corporate events. Each small fleet of three balloons can carry 4 to 6 people, and if the weather permits, the balloons will be launched from the location of choice, staff will pick up tourists from the accommodation without transportation, and a meeting place. You can take me to. After landing, you can return to Terra Farm to enjoy a traditional champagne brunch.

Orlando villas start at $ 17 per person per night!

Champions Gate 202

Champions Gate 202
9 bedrooms – can accommodate 22 people

Champions Gate 520

Champions Gate 520
9 bedrooms – suitable for 23 people

Champions Gate 236

Champions Gate 236
9 bedrooms – can accommodate 22 people

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Maverick Balloon Adventure

The only hot air balloon on the field at sunrise.

Charter a private hot air balloon over the countryside. Whether you want to take the whole family to the troposphere or spend a romantic time in the clouds with your partner, friendly pilots should make this a great opportunity. By taking a bird’s-eye view of the breathtaking landscape, you have plenty of opportunities to take pictures that deserve Instagram. Watch the mottled morning light reflections on the many lakes below from the ideal vantage point. Balloon flights can be booked individually in groups of 2-8 people. Or, for $ 245 per person, you can take part in a daily balloon ride for 2-4 or 5-8 people. Meet the pilot at the Publix Supermarket parking lot in Summer Bay to help inflate the balloon. After an hour of flight, grab a glass of Fizz and return to the ground.

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Painted horizon

Multiple hot air balloons in the sun.

As it emerges in the air, it becomes part of the sunrise in a fleet of colorful hot air balloons. With the help of a passionate and professional pilot, you bring a moment of color to the blue canvas of the sky and bring a sense of surprise to the spectators below. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy stunning views of Central Florida during a relaxing balloon ride. Leave your worries on the ground as this unforgettable experience leaves you feeling lighter than air. Flying daily from the fields near Denny’s Restaurant away from State Road, Painted Humans can accommodate groups of various sizes starting at $ 185 per person, but specializes in couples’ flights. After a safe and comfortable landing, enjoy a rich breakfast of champagne and sparkling cider-washed pastries, cheese and crackers.

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Affordable resort near Disney World in Orlando

Champions Gate Resort Orlando

Champions Gate
9.6km from Disney

Soltera Resort Orlando

Soltera Resort
8 miles from Disney

Windsor Hills Resort

Windsor Hills
3.2km from Disney

Orlando Thompson Air Balloon Ride

A large and colorful hot air balloon seen from below.

Experience the hot air balloon completely with an enthusiastic pilot who really loves balloons. Aside from his balloon puns, Captain Jeff Thompson has been piloting for over 40 years under his belt and has extensive knowledge of Central Florida’s attractions and attractions. After meeting the captain at the Wawa Convenience Store in Winter Garden, he can take off knowing that he can take care of hundreds of feet above the ground. Flying in small groups of 4-6 people will give you an unforgettable, special and personalized experience. Flights can be booked with a $ 165 deposit per person. In addition to the unique captain, another thing that makes these balloons stand out is the basket weaving seats, which make them easier to access than other balloons. After your trip, you will be presented with drinks and souvenirs of your time in the sky.

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Aerobic hot air balloon in Disney Springs, Orlando

Disney Springs Aéro 30 helium balloon.

This tremendous ballooning attraction is not included in this list as it does not work with hot air. Instead, the tethered balloon is filled with 230,000 cubic feet of helium. Although the Aéro 30 cannot be described exactly as a hot air balloon, it offers an iconic sky experience that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Disney Springs, Disney’s freely accessible shopping and restaurant district. With a ticket for only $ 25 ($ 20 for kids aged 3-9), this experience is easily worth the price. A donut-shaped 19-foot-diameter basket can accommodate up to 30 people, including pilots. Fly straight up to 400 feet from the lakeside lunch pad for about 10 minutes with fresh air and 360-degree views of Disney Springs, Disney Resorts and theme parks. From the sparkling waters of Lake Buena Vista to the beautiful landscapes up to 10 miles away, you’ll find plenty to see from the safety of this bespoke Parisian balloon.

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Orlando condos start at just $ 14 per person per night!

Windsor Hills 435

Windsor Hills 435
3 bedrooms – suitable for 6 people

Windsor Hills 327

Windsor Hills 327
2 bedrooms – for 4 people

Windsor Palms Resort 24

Windsor Palms Resort 24
9 bedrooms – can accommodate 22 people

Orlando Hot Air Balloon Festival

A hot air balloon showcase that shines at night.

May is the month of spectacular aerial events in Central Florida. Two festivals to book May with colorful balloons and a wonderful exhibition of fun family activities:

Orlando Balloon Festival
Orlando’s 2022 Festival will be held at Blue Jacket Park with a variety of great hot air balloons, as well as food trucks, vendors and games. Enjoy a huge collection of balloons, delicious food, and family fun.

Up Up and Away Hot Air Balloon Festival
A one-hour drive southwest from Orlando to Lakeland, Florida, is worth witnessing the night glow of many bright hot air balloons and the mass takeoff in the morning. Eat delicious street food and listen to live music while participating in balloon and helicopter rides and carnival games.

Ready to ride the Orlando hot air balloon?

Orlando is home to many hot air balloon companies taking off from fields near Orlando, Davenport, and Kissimmee. Enjoy views of Central Florida while admiring the stunning views of attractions and lush natural scenery. See silhouettes of Cyprus and orange trees, wildlife, and the iconic Disney parks and resorts. As you can see, there are different balloon operators suitable for all kinds of sky-to-air experiences.

What are you looking for? Talk to your travel planner to remove this activity from your bucket list.

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