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4 Countries to visit on Chocolate Day!

The world-famous World Chocolate Day is July 7th, with better reasons to explore the countries of cocoa bean origin and make a difference while there. In all these places, you and your family can even make your own chocolate bar-runaway your imagination and delight your taste buds.


Interact and interact with Fairtrade cocoa bean farmers in Belize, learn about the entire harvesting and roasting process, and finally create your own chocolate bar. Rum tastings are also held, where you can enjoy wildlife spotting, diving, snorkeling, Maya ruins and kayaking.

Make your trip to Belize meaningful by setting up an eco-friendly stove for the Maya rural farming family. These stoves are great in that respect:

  • They are surrounded and replace open flames to reduce burns. This is especially common when infants are running around.
  • They have a chimney to expel smoke and reduce respiratory problems such as asthma. When
  • They are much more efficient, consume less fuel, and are environmentally friendly.

Where to stay: Copal Tree Lodge.

Best time to visit: November-March.


Create your own chocolate bar in Cusco and combine it with exploring Machu Picchu, cycling in the Holy Valley, discovering Condor in the Qullqa Canyon, kayaking on Lake Titicaca, whale watching on the coast, and discovering wildlife in the Amazon. ..

Build a bathroom block for the villagers of the Holy Valley to make your trip to Peru meaningful.

Where to stay: Inca Terra Hacienda Urubamba..

Best time to visit: June-September.


Meet cocoa farmers and help harvest cocoa beans just outside colonial Antigua. You can also create your own chocolate bar here. Other highlights of Guatemala include Lake Atitlan, the colorful markets of Chichicastenango, and the breathtaking Mayan archaeological site of Tikal. Don’t miss the Danta Chocolate craftsmanship chocolate bar. Please check Chocolate Museum Even in Antigua, stop by Fernando’s cafe to enjoy more chocolate.

Help and enrich your trip to Guatemala to build a home for families in need of a decent place to live.

Where to stay: Villa bokeh

Best time to visit: November-March.

Costa Rica

Experience bean-to-bar chocolate making in San Jose before heading to the hills to take a fair trade coffee tour to see how coffee is grown and harvested in a sustainable way that benefits growers. Discover them all. Blend this with spectacular beaches of zip lines, hot springs, volcanoes, lakes of the Arenal, wildlife, Manuel Antonio, Corcobird, or other gems.

We support wildlife rescue centers to enrich our time in Costa Rica. Preparing meals for monkeys and parrots, feeding them, maintaining their enclosures, and helping veterinarians make daily rounds. You and your family learn a huge amount about animals.

Where to stay: Arena Nayala Tent Camp..

Best time to visit: November-March.

Enjoy chocolate!

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