Where to stay in your next Road-trip to Mallorca

In Magaluf, I would like to introduce you to the real Mallorca as the mating season surrounded by Rushkinov accelerates. Jagged green landscapes, charming coastal roads, hairpin turns, winding downhill Mallorca. One of the villages of milk and honey shades, the mountains on the hills, the cerulean sea. Everything sounds pretty good for a road trip, doesn’t it? that is…

Sa Calobra’s Ma-2141 – a serpentine-like drive from the coast to the clouds – saw Scotland’s famous Bealach na Bà and raised better views, more winding corners and fewer caravans. Then there is the mountain route through the Serra de Tramuntana, the ominous section from Sorrel to Pollença, and the Ma-10 between Deia and Banyalbufar. And keep in mind: this is a road trip set to a sleepier beat, a kind that requires little planning. So start those engines, road trip lovers, here it is Where to stay in Mallorca..

For cruising in neutral

Mishio Monastery

Ivory, taupe and light wood decorate the whitewashed walls of this former monastery, a masterpiece of neutral and subdued tones in the Old Town of Palma. Thick wooden doors keep things quiet (if not guaranteed, you can get a good night’s sleep). Finca-style rooms feature huge beds, luxurious linens and a large enough bathtub for two. Most bedrooms have a private terrace for a refreshing apéritif. Alternatively, you can relax in a bean bag of linen facing the bar’s fireplace. Either way, the Capritx de Menorca cocktail would have been what the sisters wanted.

breakdown The roof terrace and pool offer views of the cathedral and Bellver Castle, but the immediate vicinity is a quiet historic center. The arched art bar is flashy, even though it was once a monastery dining room. A splash of color contrast between a chunky sofa and an off-white wall. The restaurant’s menu changes weekly, but it always serves fine Mallorcan cuisine served on candlelight tables.
Call a shotgun A private session in the former basement. Today, it is a low-ceilinged stone-walled spa with dramatic arches, saunas and steam rooms.

For coastline coasting

Von Santa Hotel

Within Fleur de sel Es Trenc’s white sand throw is Fontsanta. A 19th-century country house with a secluded terrace, stunning green grounds and a sunny poolside lounger. Stone walls and curved arches are found in Es Salobrar’s natural salt marshes. These are effectively used in the spa’s hot spring water pool, which is highly regarded for its healing properties. But equally resilient is the calm and swaying afternoon in a fragrant (and fully maintained) garden string hammock.

breakdown Fontsanta is located on the southeastern coast of Mallorca, between Campos and the Port of Colonia San Jordi. A 15-minute cycle from Estrenk Beach, there are 3 pools on site. An atmospheric old spa thermal plunger and two outdoor unheated pools are prepared for the summer. The gym, sauna, steam room and three treatment rooms add more “wellness” to “wellness”, but perhaps not as much as the fact that this is an adult-only hotel. The restaurant features a hearty Mediterranean flavor. Try lobster ravioli, red shrimp caviar, fried sweet peppers, roasted suckling pigs, roasted corn, and smoked butter.
Call a shotgun An outdoor terrace table shaded from the midday sun with a vine roof.

For a private pit stop

Finca Serena

You don’t have to worry about the privacy of Finca Serena wrapped in ivy. The 40-hectare grounds and secluded, separate suites accommodate stays that no one sees or hears (of course, Berman is banned). Choose one of the skillfully remodeled detached houses. They are adorned with white and molgray earth tones, with handmade pottery, thick floor coverings, recycled wooden tables, and rattan baskets for added personality. Take the novel to a hammock on the veranda, or one of many shaded corners surrounded by vineyards, orchards, and olive groves.

breakdown You are here in the agricultural center of the island. The driveway is lined with jacaranda, olives, cypress, lemons, and orange trees, the road is quiet except for occasional tractors, and the skyline is made up of windmills. Sineu and Polleres have some homely tavernas, but there is plenty of lands to go first. Visit the former barn and see the Natura Vise treatments, plus a sauna, hammam, heated pool, gym, and fireplace with idyllic views. Many of the produce plated at the Jacaranda restaurant is grown on the premises of an orchard, an orchard, or one of three organic vegetable gardens. If not, a local producer is chosen. Therefore, the menu changes almost every day depending on the labor outcomes of the farmers.
Call a shotgun One of the weekly vineyard dinners to dine under the stars. Ask questions about your daily class as well. Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi take turns.

For scenic routes


The hill hideout is not as historic as the former Arabian farmhouse Sombururu. When Jesuit monastery (not at the same time, care). Bedroom shutters frame views of wood-studded grounds, mountains and vineyards. Refreshing white wine and hippo are produced on the premises.
The impressive spa (sauna, steam bath, cold plunge pool, solarium, yoga studio) is second only to nature here. A patch in the shade of a palm invites Siesta, and the garden is planted with roses, jasmine, and giant blue agapanthus flowers. To take advantage of both, choose a double lounger facing the cerulean tiled pool on the tree-lined avenue.

breakdown It takes 5 minutes by car to reach the beautiful Porenza. You will reach the port in another 10 minutes. The hotel is located at the foot of the Puigde Maria and Seradetramuntana Mountains, but the incredibly blue waters of Karadesan Visenk are also a short drive away. The Sombururu bistro is cozy and has dark forests, white walls, and low beams. The menu focuses on regional cuisine, seasonal ingredients, and the bounty of nearby farms. Savor bread, ham, and cheese before returning to the Scandinavian chairs in the lowlands of the Candlelight Bar.
Call a shotgun Bicycle (hello, calf) to explore the site and nearby hills. Tennis racket for bats back and forth on the court.

For gear changes

LJs Ratxo

“Me-time” is as good as LJs Ratxo’s law, an off-the-grid ecofinca west of Palma. Spend the morning by the mountain-facing pool, keep an eye out for wild goats, and groom the peacocks foraging in the undergrowth of the forest. This finca does not downplay eco-tags. The restaurant serves fresh ingredients from the garden. Water is collected from the mountains, filtered, and drunk. In-house carpenters turn discarded forest wood into boho chic lamps, rustic signs, tables, and more.

breakdown The medieval mansion is located in 2.5 square kilometers of pine and oak forests in the lush green mountains of Mallorca’s Serra de Tramuntana. There are many hiking trails nearby and vineyards within driving distance. The fruit is also on the extensive wine list of the hotel restaurant. Choose Arratxa’s open kitchen, terrace, barbecue in the summer, and Roots – an indoor restaurant built in the mountains in the winter.
Call a shotgun The Royal Suite has 4 terraces, a hot tub, and a private mountain pool.

For the last leg

Concepció by Nobis

We explored the island, bathed on the beach, and climbed the mountains. Last night I returned to Palma in the Balearic Islands. Concepció by Nobis has a checkmark in the Old Town of Mallorca and a simple box in Sweden. Its facades are all white-painted walls, jade-green shutters, and glass windows with charcoal-black frames. Green and white tiles line the reception area, stone arches surround the restaurant table, and the plunge pool in the courtyard draws out a lot of “oooh” and “aaah”.

breakdown This former soap factory is on the edge of the Old Town and Santa Catalina. In addition to Scandinavian furniture (woven headboards by Gemla Fabrikers, lighting by Le Klint), it features high ceilings, black beams, and plenty of natural light, but the bathrooms are similarly stylish products (Byredo Mojave Ghost body wash and Sundazed). ) Are available. Eau de Parfum, No less). Supper is served at Xalest.Ask your in-house sommelier about the perfect thing Vino Mallorca croquette pairing, arrósbrut Ravioli with dumplings and oxtail.

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