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Why choose a gift from Tinggly for your next Middle Eastern escape?

My Unforgettable Middle Eastern Adventure: An experience that infused my journey with absolute exhilaration, confidence, and pure bliss! I have embarked on countless expeditions across the Middle East, delving into the depths of various countries. Yet, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen have always remained untrodden paths for me. But lo and behold! In a recent turn of events, I seized the opportunity to conquer these magnificent lands with an unwavering sense of confidence!

Tinggly Experience is the best gift for first-time visitors to Texas

Tinggly has been instrumental in making my time here truly enjoyable and memorable. I owe many of the fun and exciting experiences I’ve had to Tinggly. Today, I want to take a moment to share with you my incredible Tinggly Experience in the Middle East, with minimal effort on your part!

What is Tinggly?

Tinggly is a gift company that aims to provide people with unforgettable adventures. With just one Tinggly gift, you can offer your recipients a plethora of experiences. They have the freedom to choose from over 100 countries listed on Tinggly. The best part? There’s no expiration date! These small gifts never expire, allowing recipients to book their experience whenever they please. Furthermore, by purchasing a Tinggly box, you contribute to sustainable projects that focus on removing contaminated plastic from the environment. In other words, not only do you bring happiness to someone’s life, but you also play a part in saving our planet. How wonderful is that? Yay!

The Middle East: An Encounter with Frustration

I am thrilled to share that one of my lifelong dreams has finally come true! And I highly recommend that you add it to your own bucket list as well. Allow me to introduce you to the Edge of the World, one of Saudi Arabia’s most renowned tourist attractions. Standing atop a 300-meter-high cliff, you will feel as if you are standing at the very edge of the world itself, with breathtaking views of the surrounding plains stretching out before you. This uninterrupted vista of the horizon offers an unforgettable experience that should not be missed. A heartfelt thank you to Tinggly for making this dream a reality!

If you happen to be in Dubai and find yourself seeking respite from crowded tourist spots, I have the perfect suggestion for ending your trip on a luxurious and unique note. Dubai is famous for its opulent yachts, and they are an absolute must-see! Indulge in gourmet meals and sink into comfortable seating as you cruise through Dubai’s turquoise waters, creating memories that will last a lifetime. This is when I truly appreciate the beauty of Dubai; it is much more than just skyscrapers, it is an entire experience! Indeed, those who harbor a passion for luxury vessels are truly captivated by them. This yacht tour offers stunning views of this magnificent city, and thanks to Tinggly, I felt like a millionaire during this excursion. We all deserve to feel this way from time to time!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the iconic Burj Khalifa. One of the reasons people flock to Dubai is to witness the grand of this architectural marvel. Standing at an height of 183 meters, with a staggering 163 stories, this skyscraper is a sight to behold! Typically, tourists can only marvel at its magnificence from the outside. However, during our visit (thanks to Tinggly, once again), we had the incredible opportunity to venture inside and witness the awe-inspiring views of Dubai from within the Burj Khalifa itself. It was an unforgettable experience, and I highly recommend giving it a try!

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