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Staying at Giraffe Manor, Kenya?

You may have seen pictures of the most photogenic hotels in Africa. Surrounded by giraffes, giraffe manners are a paradise for wildlife lovers and, of course, wildlife itself. Giraffe Manor Nairobi in Kenya The best hotel in africa.. Read the full review of Giraffe Manor to help you decide if you want to visit yourself!

Kirin Manor Kenya

Introducing Kenyan giraffe manners

When traveling to Kenya, you may arrive in Nairobi. The capital is most often considered a stopover city, and travelers want to leave the city and step into the bushes as soon as they land. However, Bush flights usually depart early in the morning, so many travelers need to stop in Nairobi before embarking on a safari trip. And it’s the best place to get the most out of your stopover by jet lag than Nairobi’s giraffe manners.

Kirin Manor Kenya
Kirin Manor Kenya

Kirin Manor is arguably the most famous hotel in Kenya. And as long as you have a unique experience in the world of travel, staying at Kirin Manor is one of the most popular hotel stays on the planet. So what can you expect? Read the full review of Kirin Manor Kenya!

Kirin Manor Kenya

What to expect from Kirin manners

Kirin Manor has only 12 rooms, which is an incredibly intimate experience. Rooms are difficult to get and dates are often booked a year in advance. The hotel is located in a 140-acre sanctuary on the lush suburbs of Langata. In the green oasis, Rothschild giraffes roam the green space, arriving at Manor on time in search of morning food.

At breakfast, the giraffe arrives in a timely manner, sticking out the window and picking up food from the enthusiastic guests enjoying breakfast. Of course, giraffe meals are very different from guests. Therefore, there are strict instructions on what to give the giraffe when looking through the window.

During the day (after having breakfast with Kirin), guests can enjoy a private and quiet garden. The green spaces to explore are endless, with garden swings and mountaineering ivory everywhere.

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Kirin Manor Kenya Review

Image Credits: Scott Ramsay, Thandiwe Muriu, Nancy Gibbs

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