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Star Wars Fan’s Travel Guide

I’m sure every Star Wars fan knows where each episode was filmed, all the details and the script, but have you ever considered visiting a movie location? We’ve picked five of Europe’s favorite places in Star Wars movies and put together a short, well-balanced guide to soothe travel companions who don’t love Star Wars. You can also embrace your favorite reality so far. movie.

Visit Lake Como for dramatic views and striking backdrops. The villa, which featured the marriage of Skywalker and Amidala in Episode II, was built in 1787 and is still firmly established as a popular wedding destination as well as Star Wars fans. The villa overlooks Lake Como, one of Europe’s deepest and most beautiful lakes. Surrounded by rustic villas and the old town, the area is infused with history. The destination is a paradise for all activities, hiking and water sports are popular in the summer and the area is a popular ski destination in the winter. You can take a boat to explore the lake that day or register for a local wine tasting. Whatever you do, make the most of the laid-back atmosphere and uninterrupted charm of the area.

Lake Como

Mount Etna, Italy (Episode III)

The scene has not been filmed here, but you should be familiar with the background of the Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Anakin Skywalker battle at Mustafa in Star Wars Episode 3. It was the lively Mount Etna that the director shot the newly ejected lava for use in the scene. Mount Etna, one of Sicily’s most famous spots, is well worth a visit for anyone seeking adrenaline bustling and captivating views. The volcanic black sand and gravel is a scene one million miles away from the pristine Sicilian beaches and blue coastline. The monotonous trek can take quite some time, but the volcano can be hiked on foot. Or, for those who prefer easy climbs, a cable car from the base joins the 4×4 bus and travels up to 2,800 meters, just over 100 meters away from the accessible crater area.

Mount Etna

Grindelwald, Bern, Switzerland (Episode III)

Again, there are no physically photographed scenes, but this particular area was sought out for the magnificent mountain landscape used as the background for the planets of Alderaan. If it’s enough for Star Wars, it’s certainly enough for us. As the largest ski resort in the entire Jungfrau region, there are plenty of opportunities to explore this beauty area by skiing, 2 feet or biking. This summer is ideal for hiking on the 300km walking trail with impressive Alpine views each time.



The sixth largest glacier in mainland Norway served as the face of the Hoss planet in Episode V. If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Hoss, there’s great news. You can do it. Hiking to glaciers isn’t too difficult, but glaciers can be unpredictable places, so you’ll need to take an excursion led by a mountaineering expert. Easy access by staying in the village of Fins at the foot of the glacier. This small mountain village takes a boat to the tallest train station in Europe, and the two-and-a-half-hour trip from Bergen itself is a wonderful experience.

Ice plane

Finse By Jørn Eriksson. Image source: Flickr

Whippendell Woods, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (Episode I)

This vast 165-acre ancient forest was used as the background for Naboo in two sequences of Episode I. Remember here that Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi first met Jar Jar Binks. Chosen for being close to Watford, not in the heart of England’s countryside, but close to the studio where Episode I was filmed, it’s a place of incredible natural beauty. The forest is famous for the vast growth of the blue bell in spring and the explosion crater of World War II that is clearly visible in the depths of the forest. The woods have nature trails and wildlife barrels, making Naboo a Wippendel Woods worth exploring on the weekends.

Blue bell

Blue bell By Richard Gillin. Image source: Flickr

If you want to go farther than Europe to see the sights of Star Wars, we recommend traveling to the tropical jungle of Costa Rica where the scene of the village of Ewok from the return of the Jedi was filmed.


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