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Wedding Proposal? Top spots for a Yes! in Disney World, Florida

There is nothing better than realizing that your loved one is the one who wants to spend the rest of your life with you. Once you know what you want to suggest, the next step is, of course, to decide when and where to pop the question.

If you’re determined to ask your partner to get married at Disney World, that can be overwhelming. Disney World Park covers a vast area of ​​950 acres, so where do you start looking when trying to find the perfect place to share one of the greatest moments of your life with the other half? ??

Never be afraid! We did some research and found the best place to suggest at Disney World. From the most iconic places to the most meaningful areas to slightly different suggestions, you can stir your imagination and find the perfect place to unfold a fairy tale.

Disney’s Suggested Ideas: The Outdoors

If you want to ask your lover questions in the amazing outdoors where the sun is shining on you (and making the ring even more brilliant), take a look at our top 3 favorite outdoor Disney World suggestions where you are. Together you can start the next chapter of your life.

Propose in the shade of the tree of life

Is it better to start the next part of the story together than under the wise gaze of Disney World’s stunning Tree of Life? A stunning and realistic sculpture of baobab wood, it took about 18 months to complete. Located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, this tree was built to honor the circle of life and the individuality of everyone in it, symbolizing the beauty of our world.

Around the Tree of Life, there are some top-notch spots that are perfect for suggestions. You can propose to the south of the root of the tree or cross the river for stunning views of both the tree and the sparkling water in between.

Proposal in front of Cinderella Castle

The iconic Cinderella Castle comes to mind when you think of the Disney World proposals. Head to the main street for the most famous views of the castle. Be sure to bring someone who can take in the magnificent scenery with your camera. Under the soaring range of pastel-colored turrets, there is no better way to get a magical start.

Main Street is just one of the places you can suggest under a stunning castle. Head to the water’s edge of Liberty Square and lay down the sparkling water for a beautiful side view, or suggest a bridge from the castle to Liberty Square. From this bridge you can enjoy an impressive view of the reflections of the castle. water. Also, at the entrance to the castle, there are turrets on both sides in front of the castle itself, which is a surprising extra element if you plan to take pictures during the proposal. There is no doubt that Magic Kingdom’s proposal will provide wonderful memories that you two will remember forever.

See Wishing Well

I often wish in the background of the castle and the world of Disney

This is one of Disney Park’s most magical spots, a rustic and charming wishing well near Cinderella Castle. Here you can ask your partner to marry me with a view of the castle on one side and a beautiful wish right next to you. I wish you good luck. Would you like to make a wish before asking a question?

The atmosphere here is incredibly romantic and asks, with beautiful arches, water, pillars where you can stand with your lover, and an elegant topiary on the balcony where you can see the surrounding lighting if you visit in the evening. Great for marriage hands.

Disney Proposal Spot: Indoors

If you don’t want to worry about the weather, or dream of asking questions at one of Disney’s magical indoor locations, see the following ideas for indoor Disney World suggestions.

Pop a question at the Haunted Mansion

Did you and your partner build a bond with a scary movie? Looking for something different – ​​a great engagement story to tell? Would you like to join the Haunted Mansion ride? Thanks to the incredible interior design and the wonderfully eerie atmosphere, this is our top pick if you are planning to make a suggestion in a vehicle.

Against the backdrop of ghouls and ghosts, you can suggest in the middle of the ride itself, or wait until you’re on the ride and pop your questions. Why not wait for a big drop and catch it with your ride camera?

Propose at one of Disney’s romantic restaurants

Cinderella's Royal Table Sign

Disney World is renowned around the world not only for its attractions and rides, but also for its wonderful dining experience. There are endless opportunities to enter one of the park’s beautiful restaurants, including the restaurant just outside the resort.

To begin the true fairy tale of engagement, head to Cinderella’s Royal Table and enjoy a fun feast in a luxurious and decadent environment with spectacular tapestries and stunning glass windows. Or go to Fantasyland’s Be Our Guest restaurant and make a fun proposal on the theme of beauty and the beast. You can take the classic method of hiding the ring in your loved one’s dessert, or ask for help whenever you’re ready. The beautiful environment of these restaurants you choose is sure to build a magical opportunity for your pair.

For stunning views, head to Topolinos at the Riviera Resort.You can also take them out on the balcony with stunning views of the park and all its attractions and attractions

Start the next chapter with one of your favorite vehicles

An avid Disney fan? Do you absolutely have a favorite when it comes to rides in the park? Want to consider popping questions while or before boarding? Having a favorite vehicle is something you are tied to, just as you have a favorite song, and if you come back there many times, the vehicle will be more for you than others. It has a deeper meaning.

If you have a favorite ride or attraction, such as in front of the soaring Expedition Everest, on a rock’n’roller coaster giant guitar, or on an Animal Kingdom safari with elephants and giraffes in the background, it’s a great question for both of you. The place of.

Other Ways to Suggest at Disney World

These are our absolute favorites and iconic spots, and while kneeling is sure to be very romantic, ask your loved one to marry you at Disney World. There are many more places where you can do it. If you want to be creative, see the ideas for the following suggestions.

  • In front of the Millennium Falcon
Disney World Millennium Falcon

The perfect partner for Star Wars fans feels like they’re floating between the stars when they ask questions in front of the incredibly impressive Millennium Falcon.

Glide through the sparkling waters of Disney Park. There are many opportunities to board a Disney boat. For example, hire a boat for only two people privately, or if you want to propose to your favorite people around you, a boat that can carry some friends and family. you. Get ready to go to the perfect place and ask big questions, perhaps with a view of the castle.

  • In front of fireworks

Disney World Park is famous for hosting some of the world’s most fascinating fireworks festivals, and when it comes to seeing them and making suggestions between them, there are plenty of options. Find a comfortable place on Polynesian Beach in the Seven Seas Lagoon or combine it with the idea of ​​boarding a boat to get a really important opportunity. In addition, you can enjoy stunning views of the fireworks from the balcony of Toporinos mentioned in the article. Last but not least, the Fireworks Proposal suggestion allows you to book a fireworks dessert party that combines beautiful illuminations with delicious sweets in a great location with spectacular views.

  • Involve your favorite characters

If you and your lover have favorite Disney characters that you can find somewhere in the park, why not get them involved in your engagement? Whether it’s dinner at a character dining restaurant or heading for greetings and photo shoots in different parts of the park, plan ahead with our guide to finding characters at Disney World.

  • Ride a carriage

Nothing is more romantic than riding a horse-drawn carriage and reminiscent of a slow, beautiful and winding journey through the park. Available in the Fort Wilderness and Port Orleans areas, choose the perfect moment to enjoy a perfect whimsical ride against the rhythmic Hoofbeat soundtrack, or to pull out a small box as you snuggle up to each other.

Where in the world do you want to propose? Head to Disney World’s Epcot to see incredible international landmarks and stunning theme areas. Perfect for a romantic walk, you can see the whole world in just a few seconds. Answer questions surrounded by beautiful Moroccan mosaics, go to romantic Italy, or pause at the bridge between France and the International Gateway, where you can kneel down under the Eiffel Tower. At Epcot, there’s no end to a stunning proposal.

Are you considering a proposal for an animal kingdom? Why not ask a big question on a wild safari? With incredible backgrounds of all your favorite animals including giraffes, elephants and lions, this is sure to start your next chapter Wild Ride together. If your partner has the most beloved animals in the world, why not jump on a safari and wait until they are ready to take part in this special occasion?

The best way to propose at Disney World

If you’re nervous about popping questions, it’s a good idea to plan ahead to make it run as smoothly as possible. However, the situation may change in the last second, such as overplanning. The best thing is to stay calm, follow the flow, and take the opportunity when you feel it suits you.

Remember your partner’s personality when planning your Disney World proposal. Do they prefer the proposal to be quiet and remote, or do they care if others are around? For example, are you in front of a castle on the main street? Do you think they would be disappointed without the photos and videos of the event? Do they want family and friends to join, or do they prefer to be with you alone? Would you like to celebrate immediately, for example, booking a restaurant?

Stay in a luxurious villa for your suggestions

Pink villa emerald island resort with palm trees 123

If you want to make the whole experience even more magical, make sure you have an incredibly luxurious property to get home. After asking questions, you can celebrate. Whether you have friends or family that are part of an important occasion, or you need a small property such as an apartment for just two people, Orlando near Disney World Park has a huge number of villas.

Think of a private cinema, a gaming room, or an incredible indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Here you can enjoy, laugh and create new memories when you’re not spending time in the park. Luxury villas are a great way to create a vacation that two people will remember forever.

Disney proposals don’t have to be in a completely picturesque place, there’s no perfect time. You have to feel it is right for both yourself and your partner. Focus on the big picture, not worry about the little things. You are asking your best friend to share your life forever. No matter where or how you listen, it’s magical if you have love.

We hope you enjoy the proposed Disney World proposal spots and find some places where you would like to ask your partner to marry. We wish you all the best of luck in starting the proposal plan.

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