Top 10 Countries for an amazing Safari experience in Africa

If you dream of traveling to Africa but don’t know where to start, I’m glad to help pave the way for you! After living in South Africa for a while, visiting many countries in Africa, and embarking on a fair share of safari, I think I deserve to share the absolute best country to go to safari. And since these safari adventures were some of the most meaningful trips to me, I recommend everyone to travel to Africa at least once in their lifetime and experience the African Safari. increase.

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1.1. South Africa

Start with the most popular countries to go to safari. That’s a good reason. South Africa is often the first choice for visitors to Africa, thanks to its vast amount of safari lodges, national parks and wildlife viewing opportunities. It’s no wonder that this country is Africa’s most visited country on safari, as it is vast and has many wonderful national parks where you can experience the Big 5 up close.

But you may be wondering, is it the best?

First safari fan, yes. South Africa offers the best introductory safari experience and is a great starting point for exploring Africa. In addition, you can take full advantage of your stopovers in Johannesburg. If you have a fantasy, add a visit to Cape Town at the end of your trip.

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2.2. Botswana

Botswana is a country where I personally like to go on safari. Botswana focuses on ecotourism and is one of Africa’s toughest anti-poaching units, working to protect the lands, animals, and people that call Botswana home. And of course it’s great! Visit the Okavango Delta during the rainy season for one of the best safari experiences with plenty of wildlife opportunities and a unique experience of water safari. Here I encountered a huge herd of elephants, a large herd of lions (and their offspring), and approached some meerkats in the Kalahari Desert.

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3.3. Tanzania

In East Africa, you’ll encounter some of the most iconic national parks to experience the African Safari. And the best safari choice in East Africa is to visit the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Especially if you can time your visit during a big trip, it’s an annual wildlife event where animals travel from Masai Mara, Kenya to the adjacent Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. It’s also a great opportunity to see a newborn at the beginning of the year. Baby giraffes and baby elephants are especially fun to see to experience the world for the first time.

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4.4. Kenya

Closely adjacent to Tanzania is Kenya. This is one of Africa’s most visited safari experience countries, but if you plan to visit popular places such as Masai Mara National Park, share this experience with many other travelers around the world. Get ready to do it. However, there are some great ways to avoid congestion, such as visiting the Greater Mara area (such as a visit to the Cotter’s Safari Camp) or experiencing the vast landscape north of Kenya.

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5. Namibia

When it comes to desert safari, Namibia definitely offers the best experience. The country is a mecca for dry deserts, dunes, and associated desert creatures. So where should you go to the Namibian safari? If you want a completely unique experience in the desert dunes, head to Sossusvlei. Here you will find Namibia’s iconic Red Dunes, vast open landscapes, and dry heat. If you’re looking for a more traditional safari, head straight to Etosha National Park, where you’ll find far more wildlife than visiting the desert.

Thorntree Zambia
Thorntree Lodge Zambia

6. Zambia

As one of the safest countries to visit (by voting) in Africa, Zambia has crossed the secluded roads of countries such as South Africa and Kenya and instead visited. And there are great rewards for unknown risks! Zambia is home to Victoria Falls, a spectacular waterfall on the Zambezi River with an impressive width of 1708 meters. There are also many wonderful parks around the waterfall where you can experience safaris and lots of wildlife.

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7. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe may not be your first idea to go on the safari, but for travelers looking for something unusual and surprisingly spectacular, Zimbabwe (or the lovingly known “Zimbabwe”) Is a great choice. Located in Victoria Falls in a landlocked country, add Devil’s Pool, the world’s most beautiful natural rock pool, to your list. And when it comes to safari, Hwange National Park is our number one choice, and each national park has a great experience of seeing lots of wildlife.

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8.8. Malawi

There is a reason why Malawi has emerged as one of the most famous ecotourism destinations on the African continent. Malawi is becoming one of Africa’s most talked-about destinations, with a focus on protecting the land and communities that call the country home. Budget fans will love this destination to offer more affordable options. In addition, people are incredibly welcoming and proud of their visitors.

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Bisate Logil Wanda

9.9. Rwanda

If you’re looking for a life-changing experience like no other, you can’t go past the safari to the wild landscapes of Rwanda. And undoubtedly, a visit to Rwanda is not a normal safari experience. Here you can meet the elusive mountain gorillas hidden deep in the forest. An expert tracking guide will take you on an adventurous walk, find them, and admire them from close range. It’s a unique experience.

Bwindi Lodge Uganda
Bwindi Lodge Uganda

10. Uganda

You can also visit Uganda if you are looking for another option when embarking on a mountain gorilla safari. The country offers a more authentic experience next to popular Rwanda. Think of Uganda as a more affordable and authentic alternative than its neighbors, as there are some amazing lodges hidden deep in the mountains like Bwindi Lodge.

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