Luxury hotels to consider for your next trip to Vietnam

With the borders of the entire region finally beginning to reopen, Vietnam will be the latest country to welcome tourists. With no testing required, Vietnam is definitely in the spotlight for anyone planning an adventure in Southeast Asia. As British citizens, we can now travel without a visa and 15 days on arrival will be offered to many countries again. So now is the time to head to this wonderful country with so much to offer.

Check out these luxury hotels in Vietnam that opened just before or during the pandemic. This means that we are excited to fully open the door to guests from abroad.

Maia Resort Qui Nhon

Quy Nhon is a coastal city in Vietnam and the tourism industry is relatively new. This is a very different experience from Nha Trang, a vast beach city located within 100 km south. If you want to get off the “separate road” and explore unexplored destinations, your stay at Maia Resort Quy Nhon may be exactly what you are looking for. The flight time from Ho Chi Minh City is less than an hour, Maia Resort Qui Nhon Offering the perfect weekend vacation, or for a longer escape for those who like to take things slowly.

The 94-villa resort will be soft-launched in late 2020 and grand-opened in December 2021 to allow reservations for the final villa. With many boasting plunge pools and private gardens, from one to three bedrooms, you can expect a variety of sea colors and rustic color palettes throughout the modern and stylish villa. Using the preserved driftwood, copper, rattan and other recycled elements that make up the core material used in the overall design, the link to Earth continues throughout the property.

Mya Resort Quy Nhon, which makes full use of gastronomy, has developed Fusion’s unique wellness focus and is expanding its cuisine offerings. This means that you can enjoy dinner and lunch in addition to the complimentary breakfast as part of your room rate. Choose from two restaurants: the casual all-day restaurant Vị and the intimate ad hoc. Alternatively, for those who prefer to pamper themselves, they can opt for luxury spa therapy instead of supper or lunch as part of their nightly rates. Maia Resort Quy Nhon boasts a spacious and cozy swimming pool and a modern fitness center with state-of-the-art international facilities.

Alma Kamran

After the opening of the international airport in 2010, Kamran has opened many new hotels and resorts in the last decade, offering luxury hotels to replace nearby Nha Trang. Alma Kamran Is one of the latest openings in this emerging peninsula in southeastern Vietnam. With its first pandemic opening in December 2019, Alma was temporarily closed in April and May 2020, with eight months in the second half of 2021 and the resort fully reopened on January 15, 2022. it was done.

Located on an impressive 30 hectares of inspiring grounds, Alma Cam Ranh offers 580 contemporary, oversized suites and pavilions, all with sea views. Featuring a living room, kitchen, 4 bathrooms and a private pool, the stunning 3-bedroom oceanfront pavilion totals 224 square meters and is ideal for families who enjoy space, privacy and secluded locations.

The resort has several restaurants headed by top chefs, a food court serving a variety of local and international dishes, a sports bar, a pool bar and a beach bar to suit all culinary tastes. The resort has 12 swimming pools, a vast spa, a movie theater, a convention center, an amphitheater, an art gallery, a science museum, a gymnasium, a yoga room, a putting green, a youth club, a kids club, a water sports center and even a mini supermarket. There are all options. You can imagine that you and your family will continue to entertain and occupy you during your stay.

Azerai Kega Bay

An elegant and secluded oceanfront hideaway on the coast from Phan Thiet, 180 km east of Ho Chi Minh City Azerai Kega Bay Is a small and perfectly formed resort of the excellent Azerai brand. In fact, it is the first beachfront resort following the success of Hue’s Azelaira Residence, a historic riverside hotel in the former imperial capital, and Azerai Can Tho, a tropical hideaway on a quiet islet in the Mekong Delta. ..

Opened in November 2020, Azerai Kega Bay offers 46 suites and villas, some with a plunge pool or a more spacious private pool, on a vast 5 km white sandy beach in a quiet location. Ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. With the island of Hongba to the north and its historic 1899 colonial French lighthouse, and the towering dunes to the south, Azerai Kega Bay cultivates one of Vietnam’s most naturally stunning oceanfront environments.

Fusion Sweets Vung Tau

Vung Tau in southern Vietnam is just a short boat ride or road from Ho Chi Minh City, making it the perfect place for anyone who wants to escape the bustling city and head to the beach. Fusion Sweets Vung Tau The latest fusion hotel, opened in July 2020. The 19-story accommodation features 171 fully equipped suites and apartments, numerous dining options, a spa, yoga studio, and a rooftop infinity pool. In fact, Fusion Suites Vung Tau has two pools, the other in the Myr Spa, where you can enjoy a variety of specialty salt-based therapies.

The property offers numerous vast ocean views and complements the coastal setting with interiors dressed in a variety of ocean-inspired tones, including ocean greens, ocean blues, and overall ocean inspiration. As a dining option, guests can enjoy a “fresh” restaurant (open all day), a rooftop poolside bar, and a variety of market-style food stalls in the hotel lobby.

With the relaxation of covid-related immigration requirements, Vietnam is another country that is now returning to our travel radar, and as 2022 continues, the final restrictions for the entire region will be lifted. You can expect it. In the meantime, whether you’re heading to Vietnam or elsewhere, monitor the ever-changing limits to make sure your trip is stress-free and unwelcome surprises.

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