Spicers Peak Lodge in Queensland, Australia

Review: Stay at Spicers Peak Lodge

It’s been a while since I felt the sense of discovery. Travel is now a huge part of our lives, and many of us book a trip on a whim through the photos that appear on Instagram feeds. day to day. But when my partner and I moved to Queensland earlier this year, we promised each other to make more time for adventure. And from beach adventures everywhere along the coast, from Coolangatta to Noosa, you’ve experienced the best of Queensland’s offerings. However, when I checked in at Spicers Peak Lodge in the southeastern Queensland countryside, I realized that it wasn’t just surfing and sand in the sun.

Spicers Peak Lodge

Spicers Peak Lodge is a 90-minute drive from Brisbane and traffic is pending. This lodge is located high on the hills of Mary Vale. This place is different from the world where I used to stay in Queensland.

Checked in at some of Queensland’s most famous hotels. For example, Qualia Resort, Lizard Island, The Calile Brisbane, and I’m excited to see one of these summaries of the best hotels in Queensland. Spicers Peak Lodge.

As a little background, the lodge is part of the Spicers Retreat Collection. Considered the pinnacle of Queensland’s lodge collection, it welcomes guests in a fully hosted manner (rooms, food, drinks and minibar are all included). So if you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special day or a romantic escape from the city, you don’t have to look anymore.

This lodge is located high on the mountaintop overlooking the countryside below. And believe me when I say that when you get there, it feels like time has stopped. As far as you can see, there are rolling hills, cows in the paddock, endless shades of green and dramatic mountains in the distance. Sunset is a good time to be on the premises, as you’ll notice that the entire background, not just the lodge, is as lively as a painting, with shades of pink and orange crossing the sky.

Spicers Peak Bush Picnic

There are plenty of activities to do during your stay, but one thing we recommend not to miss is the Bush Picnic. If fairy tales aren’t enough, this experience is included in your stay, as you’ll just have lunch elsewhere on the edge of a vast valley lined with bean bags, blankets, picnic tables, and even swings. Our lunch was a selection of fruits and cheeses, sandwiches, and drinks (I’m still a G + T-girl before the sun goes down, then a girl like Pinot Noir).

Around the lodge

You need to stay at least 2 nights to enjoy everything the lodge has to offer, preferably 3 nights if you can find an open window in the availability of your booking. Lodges are often booked a few months in advance, but you may have the opportunity or even add yourself to your cancellation list.

This lodge has an oversized jacuzzi (hot water, of course), a swimming pool (not hot water!), A full-sized tennis court, ample hiking trails, a sunset spot, an all-day spa, and a game room area upstairs. We mainly walked around the lodge between meals and enjoyed organized adventures (such as 4WD tours of the property). Otherwise, I was taking full advantage of the heated jacuzzi while admiring the scenery just before sunset.

In-room of Spicers Peak Lodge

This lodge is very small and has only 12 rooms on site. This makes it the perfect oasis to escape the city and spend downtime. All this is done in the privacy of an isolated lodge. And I said the lodge was incredibly romantic! ??

The rooms at Spicers Peak Lodge vary, but they are quite similar in nature. I checked in to the spa suite overlooking the cow paddock right next to the dining area. This made it easier to find yourself near a bar or snack at any time, but if you want to enhance your privacy, we recommend requesting a room farther away.

Rooms feature a TV, a desk area for work, a sitting area for reading (and many Rihanna books), an oversized bathroom, and an all-inclusive minibar. There is also a private veranda outside where you can enjoy breakfast or have breakfast at the restaurant if needed.

Spicers Peak Lodge Cuisine

Since this is an all-inclusive lodge, food and wine focus on the overall experience. On the second night, we tasted a delicious 6-course chef’s tasting menu, a journey of taste and local ingredients. There is a chef’s garden on the premises where some of the fresh ingredients are cultivated, giving you a great experience from the farm to the table.

Wine and most drinks are all included in your stay, so be sure to raise your feet and over-spoil! I rarely really relax and disconnect. This is easily possible at this altitude due to the limited cell service (of course there is Wi-Fi, but no one needs to know it!)

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