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Vacation Luxury Villas in Greece

When it comes to Greek villas, are you looking for the best and the best?

If you dream of the ultimate luxury and a beautiful and vast home that can accommodate all your friends and family, we will cover you. Greece has some absolutely exemplary characteristics, such as stunning interiors, stunning gardens, luxurious private pools, and unforgettable views. Read on to find out more about some of our favorite big villas to rent in Greece.

White and orange villas in front of the mountains, with a pool in the foreground

Villa Agricola is an absolute gem, with white walls and orange tiles proudly standing out in front of the mountains over there. This spacious single-family villa is set in a vast, well-maintained garden. The gardens have luscious lawns, shrub forests, and a built-in pool with plenty of sun loungers to rest in the Greek sun after a few hours. Outside, there is a beautiful built-in barbecue and a large dining area.

The interior is the pinnacle of refined yet cozy interiors, with wooden floors, spacious rooms and a terrace with views of the surrounding area. The house boasts 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and can accommodate up to 11 people in total, so there is plenty of space available to everyone.

You are in a great location when you stay at Villa Agricola. When you’re ready to leave your property, there are several beaches nearby, including Ali Kanas Beach, Paralia Psaroo, Paralia Chilivi and Paralia Kioneri. There are plenty of activities and cultural attractions for the whole family, including viewpoints, history museums, water parks and winery museums.

White villa with tan tiles and doors, with a large pool in the foreground

Villa Melo Grano is a pearly white villa with tanned shutters and doors, surrounded by a beautiful garden surrounded by vegetation. You can feel that the vacation really started from the moment you pulled up the driveway of the accommodation, and you can get a glimpse of the beautiful pool surrounded by the patio. With so many suntraps, you can find the most sunny places in this suntrap. In the garden. The outdoor dining area is great and offers free access to a large pergola and rustic barbecue. At night, the pool is lit up, creating a breathtaking atmosphere against the backdrop of the dim Greek sky.

The interior of this villa is equally spectacular, with crisp, neutral decoration throughout to make you feel at home. Expect a beautiful kitchen with all the appliances you need to keep your family happy, nourishing, comfortable and cozy, and even a luxurious terrace where you can unfold everything and watch the sunset. please. This large house can sleep up to 10 people and has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

White villa with several terraces on blue background, pool and some sun loungers in the foreground

Villa Alba is another beautiful villa located north of Crete, just a short drive from the capital Heraklion. Outside of this property, you’ll find everything you’d expect from such a stunning Greek villa: a beautiful lawn to cool your feet, some sun loungers and umbrellas to soak up the midday heat, and exclusive. Beautiful swimming pool for your use. The property is surrounded by trees for privacy and offers a nice dining section where you can enjoy a beautiful barbecue if you like to dine outdoors. You can also have dinner on the terrace of the property, so you can enjoy the view while enjoying your meal.

The interior decoration is crisp and sophisticated, with an overall design that gives the villa a luxurious feel. From the stunning cream and white of the dining room to the bronze-textured tiles of the bathroom, everything you need to feel at home is available at Villa Alba.

This villa is also in a great location for beach enthusiasts as it is within walking distance to Beach Goobs, along with a variety of shops and facilities.

Surrounded by hills, this modern villa is lit up in warm orange with an infinity pool, dining area and sun loungers.

Villa Peach is an absolutely amazing villa on the coast of Crete, perfect for movie stars. With exterior designs like those found in Beverly Hills, you can’t believe the level of sophistication offered here. With a beautiful white patio, a stunning pool that looks like it’s flowing into the ocean, and a glass panel that surrounds the hotel, you’ll enjoy unobstructed panoramic views of the horizon and distant islands. Villa Peach is truly gorgeous and big peak. Greek villa. You can read your favorite book in the swaying egg chair while admiring the scenery, or enjoy an outdoor dinner while the sunset sky burns russet oranges.

If you can move away from the view, you’ll find that the interior is just as luxurious and designed as luxurious as the outside. Comfortable bedroom with ultimate modern comfort, open plan living room and beautiful terrace overlooking the sparkling sea. The property has 6 beautiful bedrooms, enough space to accommodate 12 friends and family at a time.

An orange villa with a wooden cover on the balcony and a bright blue pool in the foreground

Villa Avra ​​is a beautiful orange gem on the coast of Crete. Offering the classic look of a Greek villa, with a beautiful pool in front and a separate shallow section, it’s perfect for those who bring small children on vacation. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the whispers of the sea behind the walls, with sunbeds, sofas and dining tables all available. The garden is usually smaller than what some of the other luxury properties offer, but an incredibly great location is more than a complement. As soon as you exit the garden gate and cross the road, your toes will be submerged in the clear water.

The interior is cozy and comfortable, with white tiled floors, tan sofas and a kitchen with everything you need for a great vacation. This property offers 6 bedrooms and a whopping 5 bathrooms and is equipped with facilities to accommodate up to 12 people during your stay. Some bedrooms lead to a beautiful terrace with panoramic views of the beach. The property also has a game room where you can play billiards and table football games. There is a lot to do to keep the whole family entertained at Villa Avra.

Rustic villa made of stone, large pool, some trees, sun lounger

Located on the beautiful island of Patmos on the right side of mainland Greece, the stunning Patmos 1 Villa is an iconic stone villa offering typical Patmos architecture that blends into the landscape. Enjoy a real Patmian experience in the hope of arches, vaults and arcades. The villa is located on a prime hill and offers beautiful views of the sea and surrounding hills. Outdoors there is a rustic stone-walled garden, a stunning pool overlooking the patio and surrounding area, and outdoors there are greenery and palm trees.

The interior is decorated with authentic Patmian design, with bright walls, stone details throughout and split-level rooms with a cozy touch to create a cozy atmosphere. With a huge 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, this villa can accommodate a total of 16 people, which is great if you are planning a vacation with a large family or a group of friends.

A beautiful white and stone modern villa at the foot of the hill. There is an infinity pool painted at dusk and illuminated in the foreground.

Hey you! Yes, you are looking for the most beautiful villa you can probably find. It’s here! The Duchess of Villa is truly a villa for the royal family. The surrounding gardens have a magnificent infinity pool leading to the sea and a clean, bright patio with views of the land over there. It is lit up at night, and when the moon shines on the surface of the water in front of you, it creates a magical atmosphere. After drifting in the private infinity pool, you and your family can gather around a luxurious fire pit surrounded by glass panels with beautiful sofas and vast views of the ocean.

The interior of this property is equally luxurious, living a well-thought-out open-plan life with subdued shades of blue and gold. It has wooden panels and all the facilities you need for a comfortable yet executive experience. The villa can accommodate up to 14 people and has 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms so that the whole family can share a wonderful stay experience with the Duchess of Villa.

Huge white villa with vast shrub forest, 5 sun loungers and a large pool in the foreground

Located on Santorini’s iconic and breathtaking island, Santorini 1 Villa is a vast villa built of authentic white stone, reminiscent of some of Santorini’s most famous buildings. Surrounded by shrublands, Santorini 1 offers a luxurious setting with a beautiful swimming pool and a patio with plenty of loungers. The view from the patio is stunning and overlooks the distant sea. Can you find the iconic blue rooftop from the sun lounger?

The villa also offers outdoor dining and a rustic outdoor dining area with its own jacuzzi. The interior is in harmony with traditional Santorini architecture, with neutral, warm tones throughout and a beautiful terrace with stunning views. In addition, daily concierge services, breakfast, housekeeping, and transportation are provided as you begin and end your vacation when you stay in this villa, while maintaining a luxurious 5-star status. The house can accommodate up to 10 people, so this 6700-square-meter villa has plenty of space for everyone.

A white villa on a stone wall and patio. There are several loungers and pools, with a bar on the right.

Located on the dreamy Mykonos Island, Mykonos 2 Villa is a stunningly traditionally designed villa in the northern part of Mykonos Island. The house is high and offers views of the beautiful beaches of Agios Sostis across the Aegean Sea and the vast views beyond. Made of white stone, the villa stands out beautifully against a fiery blue sky, with rustic stone walls surrounding the building. Below the villa is a beautiful patio with plenty of sun loungers, a luxurious pool and your own bar.

The interior of the villa features arches and paneled ceilings, offering a stunning architecture with traditional décor throughout. The rooms are plentiful and comfortable, with 6 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 12 people in total. There is also an absolutely stunning terrace made of the same stone as the surrounding walls, where you can have a drink and watch the day end.

Wood deck and large infinity pool overlooking the sea and land in the distance

Are you chasing that spectacular Greek sunset? Paros 1 is a stunning villa on the island of Paros, offering vast views of the surrounding sea and the curves of Paros beyond. It features beautiful white stone architecture, a large patio where you can relax outdoors, and a beautiful infinity pool that looks like it sinks into the sea. Illuminated at night, the sunset looks like it’s burning the sky, creating a truly spectacular atmosphere.

The interior is dominated by crisp white designs, offering a sophisticated interior with everything you need for a comfortable stay. This villa has 6 bedrooms, the same number of bathrooms and can accommodate 14 loved ones at a time.

Looking for a big villa to rent in Greece?

Choosing the right villa for your vacation is essential. You are away from your home not only to provide you with the opportunity to rest and relax, but also to provide something special that makes you want to remember your memories over and over again. Must be. So, on the list of big and luxurious villas in Greece, we hope you find a special villa that is perfect for you and your loved ones. But don’t worry if it doesn’t. There are still many carefully selected ones offered for your home, so don’t forget to keep browsing until you find one that gives you that “wow” element.

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