Beautiful Beach Houses in Turks and Caicos

If you are looking for the sun, sand The tranquility of the Turks and Caicos Islands beach house is in some of the finest places. This gorgeous coral island archipelago boasts sunshine, smooth crystalline waters, and sublime natural beauty almost all year round.

Our favorite beach house in the Turks and Caicos Islands is on the northwestern island of the Providenciales, with Grace Bay Beach, one of the best beaches in the world. Provo is the most populous and well-equipped island with many great tourist destinations, shops, restaurants, and world-class beaches. Don’t miss the island’s attractions: scuba diving spots surrounded by lively coral reefs, hiking opportunities across steep hills, and boat tours to hidden coves. Besides offering all of this, the main attraction of Providenciales vacation rentals is still the vast white beaches.

One of the most iconic rental villas in Grace Bay

Coral house

As the name implies, this stately villa is full of grandeur and Caribbean flair. The luxurious status of this newly refurbished villa is represented by fine furniture and its stunning theater design. The Coral House is inspired by an 18th-century historic island mansion, and its unique splendor is meticulous in every detail. With a full team of staff and comfortable seating with ample sea views, this villa offers many opportunities to rest and unwind.

The real jewel of this house is the ornate courtyard. Recline in your personal vibrant paradise in the vibrant green foliage of Pro Bono plants. Alternatively, you can spend some time on the recently expanded terrace. Eat in the sun, step directly from the private cocktail bar to the bright sands of Grace Bay Beach, and spend the night relaxing under the warmed pergola in the fire pit.

The villa consists of 7 separate bedrooms with private bathrooms, air conditioning throughout the house, a home gym, an outdoor barbecue and a large heated pool. Coral House is recommended for those who want to relax in a luxurious environment.

Hawksville Beach House in Turks and Caicos Islands.

Hawksville Villa in Grace Bay is a two-in-one property with impressive homes and three-bedroom villas in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Hawksville Estate

The Hawksville is one of the most luxurious vacation rentals in the Turks and Caicos Islands, spanning more than four acres and accommodating up to 22 guests across its vast staff. This oversized vacation retreat is a generous villa, a refurbished beach house, a full tennis court, a basketball half court, two private pools, and a private dock where you and your guests can be picked up for a boat tour. It consists of.

Hawksville Villa in Grace Bay features a custom wraparound swimming pool with a lap pool and hot tubs. The charming interior of the house includes a massage room, gym, home theater and media room, which are exquisitely decorated. The dazzling white walls are beautifully framed with crimson walnut wood. It is best seen on the cantilever staircase leading from the wonderful room to the master bedroom.

The cozy Hawksville Beach House is a great 3-bedroom villa in the Turks and Caicos Islands that can be rented alone. Is there a better way than watching the world’s leading beaches from the actual beach houses of the Turks and Caicos Islands? The compact size of the house is perfect for small families and couples – perhaps as a fun honeymoon villa.

Overall, this is the perfect villa for large families and groups of friends to spread and kick back in their own way. With direct access to the beach and views of the northern islands and turquoise waters, enjoy breathtaking views of the horizon and 14 miles of coral reefs.

Salacia is a waterfront villa with a large pool.

There are several Turks and Caicos Islands villas on the water that are better than this amazing beach house


Experience stunning sea views from the elevated decks of this vast private complex. Salacia is truly a Turks and Caicos villa, a great place for water sports and other activities. Cool down under the waterfalls of the stunning free-form swimming pool and spend the night listening to music and drinking cocktails around the fire pit.

The large outdoor space includes a shaded outdoor dining area, a pizza oven and grill, a hot tub, and a sun lounger. Meanwhile, the interior of the house is full of entertainment, including a bar, pool table, ping-pong table, and a large home gym. The open plan design gives you the freedom to move around this staffed home. The well-arranged decoration complements the sky and the Caribbean Cerulean.

With all the privacy you need for a cool and soothing vacation, this awe-inspiring waterfront home awaits you with fun and stunning views.

Sentosa Island is a luxurious beach house on the Turks and Caicos Islands.

One of the quietest villas in the Turks and Caicos Islands


Indulge in the bliss of this bright oasis of peace and tranquility. Fun, stylish and spacious, Villa Sentosa is designed by a local architect and has a sophisticated and contemporary look. Relax in the shaded palms of the terrace veranda and admire the sublime views and the sparkling sands of the beach. Among the villas in the Turks and Caicos Islands, this rental is one of the most idyllic on a leisurely vacation.

Eat stylishly outside while breathing the Caribbean breeze, relax under the shaded cabanas, and rest in the cool, spacious bedrooms of this one-story calm room. This charming villa has a media room, foodsball table, TV in all rooms, snorkeling equipment, a home gym and a fully equipped commercial kitchen where villa staff can prepare meals.

As with most luxury villas in the Turks and Caicos Islands, you can expect unmatched personalized service, leaving enough time to decompress beyond your needs.

Silver Sands is a European-style beach house in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Get closer to the coral reefs of this gorgeous beach house in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Silver sand

Unique to the Pro Bo coastline is this imaginative European-designed villa. A lot of thought and love is put into the magnificent decoration and furnishings. The driftwood accents of the house complement its native wooden frame, with twin balconies and roof decks offering panoramic views. The house has an impressive garden entrance with natural palms and local species.

Quietly nestled in Thompson Cove, Silver Sands is a quiet place to enjoy the famous sea views and precious moments of rest. The clear waters, perfect for snorkeling, are just around the corner. Use your paddleboard and kayak to fly into the water and explore your own artificial reefs and exciting natural areas.

As a Providenciales vacation rental, this luxurious home is an ideal place to enjoy local attractions and culture. Silver Sands is just minutes from the stunning Smith’s Reef, local food and lip saw music spots recommended by staff. Notice the pelicans that built a house nearby!

Fantastic white line of Villa AWA.

Relax in the comfort of a private villa in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Villa AWA

Perfect and at the same time incredible, Villa AWA incorporates clean lines that catch the eye on the mysterious sights of the ocean. Clear attention and attention is paid to this finely detailed and outstandingly decorated vacation rental. Surrounded by elegant gardens, the house is made of locally milled stone and is filled with bespoke marble pottery and woodwork. Large windows perfectly enclose the impressive view, especially in the master bedroom with a private terrace and indoor / outdoor showers.

The best features of this Turks and Caicos Islands villa rental include a beachside deck under a herd of palm trees, a full team of service staff, a bike, a home theater and a large private drive. Cross the stepping stones and stand on your toes to the beach, use water sports equipment and enjoy the refreshing water that rushes to the shore.

Vision Beach House in Turks and Caicos Islands.

Make the most of Grace Bay’s beachfront villas

Vision beach

The 240-foot Vision Beach flaunts the largest beachfront footage of any of the homes on this list. Of all the beach houses in the Turks and Caicos Islands mentioned so far, this particular house best incorporates the tranquil expanse of sandy Grace Bay Beach. The villa staff at the triumphant entrance will welcome you. Inside, you’ll find a cozy TV room, a massage room, and a master bedroom with vast beachfront views.

But what really shines in this villa is the outdoor space. Take a peek at the spectacular Caribbean sunset over the smooth waters of a heated private pool. In the evening, talk around the sunken fire pit before strolling along the path of a private beach a few meters from the silky blue sea illuminated by torches.

Stay active in kayaking, paddleboarding, home gyms, or take home access to Vision Kite, the Caribbean’s most important kiteboarding destination. Overall, Vision Beach is the perfect beachside place to enjoy Providenciales and get a tan.

Visit Turks and Caicos Islands Beach House

If you’re still looking for the ultimate beach home to relax in, check out our amazing collection of beachfront villas in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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